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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
New Nicotine Salt Lines!

New Nicotine Salt Lines!

Do you use a closed device to vape ejuice? If you’re an active Nicotine Salt Vaper or still new to it, Candy King on Salt and Donut Town salt has landed and is quite amazing! Taking their amazing flavors and adding a nicotine punch to satisfy your cravings, Candy King on Salt and Donut Town Salt knocked it out of the park! Now you can you your refillable systems to vape on the go and still get your fix!

Candy King On Salt 30mls

Candy King offers full line of 8 flavors that are all sweet, savory and tart! Now in a nicotine salt rendition, you can pop these in your refillable systems and get that nicotine punch you’ve been looking for!

Candy King on Salt Batch is a sweet and sour combination of your favorite candies! Initially a fresh lemon and lime, with added tartness of blueberries and oranges and finishing with a sweet cherry! Its like tossing 5 different sour candies in your mouth, but you’re not eating it, you’re vaping it!

Belts Strawberry by Candy King on Salt is their rendition of a strawberry sour straw candy! Incorporating the sour and sugary crystals that are layered on top of the strawberry taffy, Belts Strawberry is a must have for anyone with a sweet tooth!

One of the most classic candies would have to be Lemon Drops. Lemon Drops by Candy King on Salt is almost identical in flavor to the candy! A sweet and savory lemon trailing a sour and tart lemon candy! Sour enough to pucker your mouth and sweet enough to keep you wanting more!

With Peachy Rings by Candy King on Salt you will no longer have to run out to the convenience store to buy a bag of peach rings! Peach rings are a ring-shaped, sugar covered, sour peach flavored chewy candy! The inhale of Peachy Rings is tangy, and tart peach, followed by the exhale of a sweet and sugary candy peach!

Pink Squares is yet another candy flavor, but this time it is a straight sweet flavor! Pink Squares closely mimics the individually wrapped taffy that comes in packs with other flavors inside. It is a bold strawberry that is sweet all around! From inhale to exhale you’ll be tasting strong strawberry notes that burst with flavor all over your taste buds!

Sour Worms by Candy King on Salt is pretty much self explanatory. Sour sugary crystals envelope the soft gummy flavor! The inhale is a robust tart blend that is quickly followed by the exhale of fruit flavored gummy worms!

Candy King on Salt really did an amazing job on their bubble gum flavor Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum. The taste is simply that! From the start you taste the strong fruity strawberry and at the exhale the watermelon comes out and brings it together. The very end of the exhale you start to get the bubblegum that gives you the nostalgic feeling of chewing gum as a child!

Another trip to the convenience store is stopped again by Candy King on Salt Swedish! Swedish is a classic strawberry gummy and taffy flavor! Tasting almost identical to the candy, you wont know if you’re vaping it or eating it! The inhale is a bold candy strawberry while the exhale is a burst of strawberry juice hitting your tongue!

Check Out Candy King On Salt!

Donut Town Salt 30mls

All the way from Donut Town, Donut Town Salt is the new Nicotine Salt version of the original 3 flavors to add a bit more punch to your vape! 30mls is a for sure need for anyone with a refillable closed system!

Blueberry Boulevard by Donut Town Salt is a custard and blueberry filled glazed donut! The inhale is the custard and blueberry filling of the donut, sweet and savory. The exhale brings on the doughy glazed donut, freshly baked to perfection!

Pebbled Place by Donut Town Salt is a glazed donut topped with fruity cereal and a vanilla custard filling! The inhale starts off with the pebbled cereal, sweet and savory combined with the vanilla custard filling. The exhale once again brings the ever so tasty, glazed donut!

Strawberry Street adds strawberry into the mix! The filling is vanilla custard and strawberries! The inhale is a fresh strawberry mixed with vanilla creams. Quickly following is the exhale of the rich glazed donut!

Check Out Donut Town Salt!

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