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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Oh What A Ride It's Been... And We're Just Getting Started ;) - eJuiceDirect

Oh What A Ride It's Been... And We're Just Getting Started ;)

TLDR - We've grown and are relaunching eJuice Direct. It's no longer a group buy where you order and wait. Now you order today and we ship tomorrow! To do that, we've had to cut down the amount of brands we offer. You'll need to create a free account to become a member. But you won't have to use coupon codes anymore. You'll just see the final discounted price. You can still rely on us to add more and more brands, offer the best prices and provide amazing customer experience! Stay tuned for our re-launch...

Full Story:

Those of you who've been with us for some time are probably wondering what we're up to now? Those that haven't, don't even know what to think.

So let me lay it all out...

To say that the last 3 months have been insane would be an understatement.

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting here looking at my computer screen wondering who's crazier. Was it me, thinking that I can get a bunch of people together to group buy premium ejuice or was it Adam and Caron, who actually filled out my ugly little spreadsheet and PayPal'd me money?

Whoever it was didn't matter, because it worked! About two weeks later, we all had our premium ejuice at a great price.

Once the bottles started to approach empty, I figured it was time to do it again. To my surprise, I found even more people who appreciated premium ejuice at a discount. I even ended up meeting one of them at a local mall to hand-deliver his order. We had a nice chat that reassured me that I was onto something.

And that's when eJuice Direct really began.

I knew that there was a desire to obtain premium ejuice at a more reasonable price, but the only way to do so at the time, was via a scavenger hunt for hidden coupon codes or last minute flash sales. So collaborating with a friend of mine, we envisioned a place where one could get premium ejuice at a discount, ALL THE TIME!

We began running group buy after group buy. As more people participated, they brought more people with them. We quickly outgrew my ugly little spreadsheet and eventually even the much nicer looking custom form software.

That's when we decided to make it easier on everyone and put up a simple site where people could place their orders and pay at the same time. It was working. We were running a group buy every couple of weeks, constantly adding more brands and everyone was happy to get their premium ADVs at a hefty discount!

Everything was great! I was providing people with awesome ejuice, at unheard of prices all while offering a superb customer experience. But I felt that we can do better. The one and only downside was the wait. It took two and sometimes closer to three weeks to get ejuice into people's hands from the day they ordered it. :(

So we thought, we planned, we busted our butts, got a little lucky along the way and in the end, we bring you eJuice Direct 2.0 :)

In the next week or so, we will be relaunching, but this time not as another group buy, but as a normally functioning online store!

That means, you get the same great premium ejuice at the same unbeatable prices, BUT when you order today, we ship it out to you TOMORROW!!! No more waiting for your vape mail!

Now all that doesn't come without sacrifice. In order to make this happen we had to cut down on our selection of ejuice. It wasn't easy as we've gotten used to offering 20+ brands. But when we looked at all the order history we realized something. Most of you (over 70% of the total orders) order the same 6 brands: Cuttwood, Suicide Bunny, Jimmy the Juice Man, Cosmic Fog, ANML and Flave Lab.

So we will re-launch eJuice Direct by offering those 6 brands. We will also bring on limited quantities of the super popular ejuices that everyone is dying to get their hands on. At launch, our first one will be Gush and we are on the waiting list for Cereal Killa (which will be available on eJuice Direct towards the end of May).

I know many of you enjoy other brands as well, so don't despair! I will continue to bring on more and more brands as quickly as I possibly can. Feel free to continue submitting suggestions as I do keep track of them all :)

One other change (other than the redesign) that you will see on the new site is that we moved away from the coupon code and into a membership model. Don't worry, membership is free! All you have to do is register for an account. That is the only way that you will be able to see the already discounted prices and place your order without the hassles of using coupon codes.

With everything that's changing, you can be assured that 3 things will remain the same:

1) We will continue to grow our selection of premium ejuice

2) eJuice Direct will continue to be your go-to source for consistently low prices

3) I will continue providing unbeatable, world class, customer experience!

With that, I welcome you to check out the NEW eJuice Direct!

Stay tuned for the official launch, coming soon...


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