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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Pack of the Week 57 Strawberry Tour

Pack of the Week 57 Strawberry Tour

This week’s Pack of the Week contains 360mls of stacked strawberry sweets entitled: Strawberry Tour. It consists of 60ml Donuts Strawberry Donut, 60ml Okami Berry McQueen, 120ml Bubble Factory Strawberry, and 120ml Ram Dragon’s Dance.

Donuts Strawberry Donut is a fresh out of the oven strawberry frosted donut with strawberry jam filling. This brand gets an extremely solid donut flavor that meshes well with its strawberry additives. Contains loads of flavor and a good contrast between donut and fruit.

Berry McQueen by the well-known brand that is Okami, is a unique strawberry mochi flavor with a refreshing inhale. For those that don’t know, mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is soft to the touch and sweet to the taste. A nice eJuice to switch up from your usual strawberry fruit flavors. Hiyah!

Bubble Factory Strawberry is an all day vape worthy flavor. Based off strawberry bubblegum, this strawberry sensation does not overpower and sets a good balance. Contains a mouthwatering aftertaste that will leave you licking your lips wanting more. The only issue is you can’t actually chew it.

Ram Dragon’s Dance is a delectable strawberry mousse eJuice. Mousse is a light and creamy prepared dessert with an airy texture designed for sweetness. While I am a chocolate mousse kind of guy myself, after trying Dragon’s Dance I will be keeping an eye open for a real piece of strawberry mousse at my local bakery.

While four of the same flavor can become repetitive, all bottles of this week’s pack feature different strawberry creations. You won’t get the same thing going from one eJuice to the next. Tasting the difference between each flavor is a game in itself! Good to get the morning started as well as unwinding after a long day. Treat yourself to an array of succulent strawberry choices.

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