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Perfect Pairings - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Perfect Pairings - eJuice Direct

At eJuice Direct, we know a thing or two about e-Liquid and the vape experience. After all, many of us are vape enthusiasts ourselves, which means we’ve all accidentally mixed flavors when eating and drinking before. Ever tried to chew mint gum and vape an orange flavor profile at the same time? We definitely don’t advise it!

When it comes to a night out with friends for cocktails, you may not be thinking about the flavor in your tank at first, but if you end up with a sugary sweet drink and a flavor profile that clashes tremendously, you may be in for an uncomfortable evening. In order to avoid this unpleasant sensation, we’ve come up with a quick and easy guide to the perfect adult beverage and e-Liquid flavor profile pairings. The next time you head out for drinks, be sure to consult this guide before stepping out the door because it may make a huge difference in your evening!

For dark liquor drinks like whiskey, bourbon, or scotch:

To lighten up a dark and heavy beverage, consider pairing your whiskey sour or Manhattan with a tea-inspired flavor profile. The earthy and subtle sweetness of Coastal Clouds Peach Tea e-Liquid from their Oceanside Collection, for example, makes an excellent partner coupled with a mellow bourbon or scotch.

For clear liquor drinks like vodka, gin, or tequila:

These liquors are typically mixed with light and refreshing options like soda, tonic water, citrus, or even cucumber, so matching your drink with a similar flavor profile might be overwhelming for some vape users. Instead, go with something bolder to add a special twist to your evening out. Sadboy Mango Blood vape juice, for example, will layer your tastebuds with a tropical mango tang that cannot be beaten. Liven up your simple beverage with something invigorating!

For beers:

The earthy tang of a fresh beer demands a particularly special partner when it comes to the perfect e-Liquid pairing. For a full-bodied beverage like a lager or ale, a minty menthol will hit the spot. Even IPAs or sour beers will shine when they meet an invigorating menthol profile like TWST Salt Mint No. 1. A nicotine salt e-Liquid best suited for low-wattage or pod-based vaping systems, beer enthusiasts everywhere will love the juxtaposition of savory beer flavor and refreshing mint.

For wine:

Wine is a tricky one, but we have a couple of recommendations when it comes to your favorite vino. Every wine has a unique flavor profile of its own which is dependent on everything from what grapes are used, to where they’re grown, how they’re harvested, stored, and processed, and even the style of bottle used! Therefore, it can be difficult to perfectly match your wine of the day with your vape juice of the day. That being said, there are definitely a few categories that pair well with specific types of wine, like:

  • Reds: For a rich and bold red wine, cheese is an excellent partner, so why not go with a savory-sweet cheesecake profile like Nude Bakery Caramel Cheesecake e-Liquid?
  • Whites: For a light and sweet white wine, fruit usually makes a great companion. Try out a one-hit-wonder like Vapetasia Pineapple Express or a medley of fruits like Cassadaga Liquids MOMA and see what you think.
  • Rose: The perfect summer wine, a Rose is a fragrant floral wine that is often pretty sweet. To balance the sweetness, a citrus-inspired option like Transistor’s Seductive Sour from their Redemption Collection with its heavy lemon-lime flavor combination works perfectly.

Do you have a go-to vape flavor/adult beverage combination? We would love to hear from you! Send us your suggestions, drink recipes, and favorite e-Liquid flavors for your nights out on the town to @ejuicedirect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please remember to vape (and drink) responsibly!

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