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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Rype Dessert Series

Rype Dessert Series

Here's the question of the day for all you consumate vapers. How much do you love desserts? Are you a person who eats dinner first or do you sometimes cheat and get a little dessert before the meal is ready? Do you go to restaurants and get egg omelets or do you get yourself a little dessert type food? We already know you'rea vaper to I don't have to ask you that.

Me, I love dessert and I don't think there is such a thing as a right time or a wrong time to get some. I think it's always dessert time. As for vaping, yea. I'd like me some dessert vapes. Which means that since these are new flavors - I might just have to jump right in with you and get some for myself.

Here's the low-down on these flavors. Great is how I'd describe them. The Rype Dessert Series is a bit of breakfast with Frenchy. They also have a pear parfait, Pearfection that goes literally for any time but lunch would work just fine. Then the SS Bomb is there for a good end of the day dessert. So, they basically have the bases covered for any time of the day. And frankly, all of these could be vaped all day. So...why not do just that? I think I'm going to be doing that. Why don't you join me? If they all sound good to you, go ahead and pick up the handy 3-pack.

Frenchy is the breakfast choice of all rich french toast lovers. It is something that somehow just never gets old. With cinnamon sprinkled on top it seems to have everything.

Pearfection is your lunch choice. This pear flavored parfait is all juicy fruit slices mixed with cream. It doesn't take much for life to be good again when you have something as refreshing as this to eat. Or in this case, vape.

SS Bomb is your dinner choice. It's a moist vanilla cake with strawberries on top for the perfect strawberry shortcake. The taste of strawberries is so strong that you think it will be dribbling down your chin but since it's a vape eliquid - you know that won't happen. Still, the fruit is mellow enough that the cake shines through.

Remember, there are no hard fast rules when it comes to dessert vapes. They will NOT ruin your appetite for any meal. They will just be pleasure builders in the game of life. Vape them any time you want and have fun with the Rype Dessert Series.

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