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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Shijin Vapor

Shijin Vapor

Shijin is a Chinese mythology term referring to four creatures of legend, the Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and a Tortoise. Each guards a different corner of the map and helps keep the world safe. The E-Liquid company Shijin got its start in California in 2014. Several years before its founder and owner, Tony Doan, got the news that his newborn daughter was born with Obstructive Airways Disease and her life depended on his no longer smoking traditional cigarettes. He began a journey of soul-searching ways to quit but nothing worked. Then he stumbled upon vaping and the rest was history. His daughter lived and in 2014 he took his new passion of vaping to the next level when he founded Shijin Vapor. Tony is still as passionate today as that day in 2008 when he stumbled upon his first e-cigarette and now as partnered with others and come out with new lines of his own to give his fellow vapers a wider collection of premium eJuice liquids.

Shijin is a surprising line of desserts, fruits, drinks and even bubble gum. There just might be something here for everyone. Check out these descriptions and see which one speaks to you. Oh, and don’t forget that Tortoise Blood has won the award for Best E-Liquid winner twice.

Dragon Cloud is the luscious flavor of rich cinnamon rolls oozing with glaze drizzled all over them and a healthy bowl of vanilla ice cream. That makes Dragon Cloud two desserts in one. Start with an inhale of fragrant and zippy cinnamon sugar frosting that just keeps getting sweeter. Then relax into an exhale of smooth cool vanilla ice cream. This is paradise at its best.

Once in a lifetime, you might spot that mythical bird, the Phoenix. But have you been lucky enough to see it cry? No, that’s not a bad thing because Phoenix Tears are actually snickerdoodle sugar cinnamon covered in strawberry cream with the most delectable vanilla custard filling. Those tears are not tears of unhappiness but of joy and that joy can be yours too if you only partake. The first inhale brings you the warmth of the cookie and then the silk of the custard. Exhaling you find strawberry whipped cream adding to make this tops in the richness category.

Tiger’s Milk gives the vaper a hearty black tea with hints of zest peach infused throughout. Then to take this up a notch milk was added for a smooth blended taste that makes this a good all day vape juice. Everything here comes in the right order. From the inhale of rich pungent tea to the sweet smooth aftertaste of milk found in the exhale. This vape drink has it all.

It is said that the giant tortoise carries the world on his back. I’m not an authority on the subject as I’ve never personally been beneath our earth to see this but perhaps it’s true. One thing to support this theory perhaps is Tortoise Blood by Shijin. Tortoise Blood is blue raspberry like our seas and oceans and maybe the green of our land masses really just happens to be green apples. On the inhale you’ll get sour green apple sherbet that slowly turns sweet. Then you’ll exhale to rich blue raspberry sherbet. The world could be at your fingertips.

Tortoise on the Rocks brings our tortoise friend to new heights as his traditional flavors are joined by spearmint bubble gum for a pop of bursting flavor. Like with Blood, the inhale is pure sour green apple sherbet that sweetens the longer it remains on the tongue. Then blue raspberry sherbet combines with spearmint bubble gum on the exhale. You have a nice fresh blend of flavors that give you a good exhilarating feeling.

Our tortoise friend is up to new tricks when he became the Tortoise on Ice. He still believes in green apple sherbet but now it has become mellow. Blue raspberry sherbet now is cold with icy menthol. Get a sweet slightly sour hit with the inhale but be prepared for the frigid temps that will be coming your way on the exhale.

If Shijin has wetted your appetite, may I suggest also checking out their It’s Pixy Line? These are candy vapes that will give you a big cloud and a big taste.

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