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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Sin City Lemonade

Sin City Lemonade

From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas comes Vapetasia. A small premium liquid brand that is most known for its original 5 flavors such as Killer Kustard and Rainbow Road. Over the last few months they have rolled out a three bottle line known simply as Lemonade.

Now when you think of some great lemonade liquids Element Pink lemonade come to the top of that list, and for those who have tried that juice there is a very large issue – it is full of sweeteners and has a very tart finish that almost coats your mouth. This makes it less then enjoyable as an all-day vape. Vapetasia Lemonade has crafted this line to be a fantastic balance of sweet and tart with out any of the down sides you get with Element and other lemonades out there.

Lemonades packaging is another wonderful balance of fun and sophistication. The Clean design of a lemonade stand when you place 3 boxes together looks awesome on any shelf. Each flavor is colored based on the main flavor – pink lemonade is pink blackberry is purple and peach is well a peach color. My only gripe is that this is only available in a 30ml bottle. 120 ml bottles are reportedly in the works but I still believe this should have been a 60ml since its so easy to blow through a bottle (TFV8 users be warned).

Pink Lemonade

From the first whiff it is a spot on lemonade. A strong lemon scent is not over powering nor is it a chemically scent. Think opening a bottle of Simply lemonade. The flavor is very well balanced. Nice lemon inhale with a soft citrus exhale. This is the most basic of the 3 flavors, but don’t let basic discourage you. It’s a pink lemonade clean and crisp. This flavor also mixes well with a lot of fruit vapes. Or even better is a solid sweet tea flavor for the best Arnold palmer flavor you could find.

Blackberry Lemonade

This was my go to ADV for a good month or so. Blackberry lemonade has great flavor without being overpowering. I find that this one has a bit more sweetness to it, which is a nice touch in this case. The sweetener is not a smack in your face so it still makes for an all-day vape. It is defiantly a nice change from the large amount of blueberry and strawberry flavors on the market.

Peach Lemonade

This is the newest flavor to the market. When it was announced I was very excited as peach flavors are becoming more and more popular. Granted I would have been super excited for a mango lemonade but ill keep my fingers crossed. The first smell I get is not a peach but a nectarine. Which was a very pleasant surprise as nectarines are more natural tasting then a peach. This also adds to a nice tartness on the exhale. I also feel that this is the least sweet flavor of the 3, which makes for a 3 solid options depending on your preference for sweetness.

Overall Vapetasia did a killer job crafting a well rounded lemonade juice line. With the three flavors being so close its going to be hard to pick one, so why not try all three? You will not be disappointed.

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