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SMOK 2/4 ups the ante again!

by eJuice Direct on June 28, 2017

The three battery setup was established and popularized by Wismec when they presented the Reuleaux RX200 box mod; though the reception was positive overall, a common complaint was the bulkiness of the device. Rather than downsizing the RX200, Wismec introduced the RX2/3; a new concept that allowed users to quickly switch between the portability of a two-battery mod to the longevity of a three-battery mod.

SMOK, a household name in the vaping community, ups the ante with the SMOK GX 2/4 kit. The GX 2/4 exhibits a similar approach that boasts the option to attach not one, but two batteries to prolong the base battery life and power. The SMOK GX 2/4 Kit brings a whole lot of power to the table; offering swappable battery doors, the unit allows for a two-battery setup with one door and a four-battery option with the other. I love the idea of not having to carry around spare 18650s or an extra cloud machine on me; the SMOK GX 2/4 does away with those minor annoyances and I believe that idea is likeliest the biggest reason why the GX 2/4 is so formidable.

The first noticeable trait when picking up the mod is simply how how nice the weight and shape feels; it feels ergonomic and spares plenty of space in your pockets. The two-battery configuration gives a one-size-fits-all touch that spares plenty of room for your pockets. When using the device in quad battery mode the portability may be sacrificed for better battery life and performance. The dual batteries offer 220 watts compared to the quad-batteries max output of 350 watts. Despite the additional batteries, the size and weight is comparable to the feel of the RX200 – large, but compact enough to take up an entire pocket SMOK includes the compact yet powerful Big Baby Beast tank. Don’t let its compact size fool you – this baby packs a punch. The Big Baby holds up to 5ml of juice at a time; as to be expected from SMOK, The Big Baby brings out a vivid amount flavor as well as an impressive amount of vapor to accommodate it.

SMOK keeps the ball rolling with this inventive piece of hardware. The SMOK GX 2/4 highlights itself as a serious contender among other convertible-battery mods out there; it encompasses standardized features found throughout its lineup. Ultimately, the GX 2/4 offers an extremely satisfying experience that caters to audiences looking for a versatile device. Where there’s SMOK, there’s fire; and the GX 2/4 is definitely fire.


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