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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Start The Labor Day Weekend With A Splash!

Start The Labor Day Weekend With A Splash!

Have you ever been to a Labor Day picnic or cookout and not noticed the large punch bowl or pitcher? You can feel the condensation dripping down the sides, the big ol’ ladle being swished around and that signature clink of the ice against the ladle handle. We here at eJuice Direct love a good lemonade pitcher or punch bowl, especially when you can enjoy those same flavors right in your vape juice tank.

We want you to be able to fill your tank with those great flavors and save money doing it. For a limited time, starting at 9am on August 29th and ending at 11:59pm Central Standard Time on September 2nd. You can take 25% off every eJuice and Nic Salt eLiquid that we sell with coupon code LABORDAY25! Let’s talk about some of our flavors that can replace the same experience to your tank as you would expect from your punch cup.

Keep It 100 Blue Slushie Iced: Let’s say you haven’t arrived yet to that Labor Day outing. You stop at the convenience store and grab the biggest cup you can for filling up with that favorite crushed iced, blue raspberry treat. The ice cools you down in the summer heat and the blue razz flavor quenches your sweet tooth. Blue Slushie Iced eliquid by Keep It 100 delivers that experience in your tank, but without the pesky brain freeze you always inevitably wind up with.

Big Bottle Co. Pink Lemonade: On the other hand, let’s say you went for the pink punch bowl. Spoon in liquid, start drinking, and notice right from the start a sweet tang of lemon and an assortment of sweeter berries bouncing around on your tongue. Even the burliest of gentlemen can appreciate the drink, and Big Bottle Co. Pink Lemonade vape juice delivers that appreciation in spades. It’s like puffing the punch bowl (don’t actually try that though).

One Hit Wonder Island Man Ice: Alternatively, you were invited to a Labor Day celebration of a wealthier friend who so happens to have a private island. Bear with me. The red punch is loaded with ice and it’s a perfect mixture of tropical fruits that were found right on the island. You can’t avoid the chunks of floating frost that make it difficult to get a proper sip, but when you do, it too is cooling, crisp, and refreshing. Island Man Ice by One Hit Wonder is that experience delivered through your atomizer with arctic menthol chasing after it. Those same TruNic Nicotine Salts mean smooth flavors and inhales on every pull.

TWST Salt Iced Pucker Punch: It can safely be guessed that you’re a bit of a punch aficionado, probably of the classic mixed fruit variety, with your favorite being loaded down with ice. You love the chunks of tropical fruit swirling around in the brisk beverage and the condensation dripping down the side means it’s at the perfect temperature. Pineapple and orange bits offer sweet citrus flavor that complement the solid mouth feel with a bold chilling flavor. TWST Salt Iced Pucker Punch offers all of those out of your preferred pod device. If you prefer the sub-ohm experience, you can find it in standard eJuice too.

Big Bottle Co. Electric Lemonade: With cup in hand, you grab the ladle in the bowl of the blue lemonade. You fill up, take a sip, and notice right off the bat, that there’s a sweet citrus kick with blue raspberry flavor dancing across the taste buds. That same flavor can be enjoyed in your tank with Electric Lemonade vape juice by Big Bottle Co. It emulates that same flavor at both the inhale and exhale while never relenting.

Keep It 100 Peachy Punch: Suppose you’re already at the cookout but the normal lemonade flavors aren’t your thing. You spot a pitcher filled with yellow punch and pieces of mangoes, peaches, and apples floating lazily. You give it a try and realize that you’re almost drinking how summer tastes. Peachy Punch vape juice by Keep It 100 sends you back to a simpler time when you could stay out late, watch the sun set, and sip on one of your warm weather favorites.

Lemon Twist E-Liquid Iced Pink Punch: Perhaps you’re one of the brave types who goes all in with your lemonade and punch experience, deciding to mix the two together. A crazy chance to take, but that’s just what you’re about. You get the best of both worlds. The sweet sugar bite of lemonade with the tropical flavors of a classic red punch, all mixed together in a big bowl full of ice top to bottom. Iced Pink Punch by Lemon Twist E-Liquid helps you get the flavor experience without staining your shirt or the brain freeze of horking it down. If you prefer the saltier side of vaping, you can find it in Nic Salt too!

One Hit Wonder Fire Man: At this point everyone has already ate and had their fill of finely grilled foods. The whole party has moved towards the fire that your volunteer firefighter friend has started in the pit. His favorite lemonade is the simple pink one poured from the pitcher and he’s enjoying every sip, booth smooth and rich. One Hit Wonder Fire Man would clearly be his ideal choice. The classic pink lemonade vape juice flavor is made smoother with TruNic Nic Salts that offer bold taste and reduced inhale roughness.

You can find these great flavors and try a whole host of new ones in our Labor Day Sale. Try something from the beverage category and then add in a fruity appetizer and dessert vape juice for the full meal flavor experience. Remember, we’re giving you 25% off each ejuice and nic salt in our whole catalog with coupon code LABORDAY25. But just like how the Labor Day weekend goes by in a blink, so will our sale. It will run from the 29th of August at 9am and wrap up at 11:59pm on September 2. So act fast, because this sale will go by in a flash!

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