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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Sweets And Treats For A Labor Day Picnic!

Sweets And Treats For A Labor Day Picnic!

Ah, the dessert phase of any good cookout. You can almost smell the baked goods oozing with fresh cream dripping over the sides, fluffy tarts with a sweet kick of flavor, flaky cakes that you can feel the sugary crunch in each bite, and frosting surging around your teeth as you chew through any of the delectables you happen to be stuffing your face with. Yup, sounds exactly like a Labor Day gathering of dessert vape juices to me!

Here at eJuice Direct, we have a sweet tooth as big as any sugar fiend. We want to share that rush with you while we have a 25% off deal on every vape juice and salt nicotine blend we have on our site. Although our sale may be wrapping up soon, you can still save a rich and robust amount of sweet dough with coupon code LABORDAY25 when you check out. Let’s do a flavor pairing real quick and see if you can resist the temptation.

Air Factory Frost Crisp Apple: Who doesn’t like chewy taffy that’s a sugary blast? You also probably appreciate the crisp crunch of a sour Granny Smith apple. When you combine the two into a delectable confection, you can’t go wrong. Now add in an icy breeze to each chew and you get a refreshing taffy with a cool bite that’ll keep you frosty while you’re wrapping up your Labor Day weekend. This green apple vape juice will deliver that experience right from your tank and help to beat the heat. You don’t have to open the ice box thanks to this Air Factory eJuice.

Holy Cannoli Salt Blueberry Strudel: Desserts come in many shapes and forms, often covered or stuffed with even sweeter fruits. The strudel is a fan favorite no matter who you ask and they’re a popular item at any bakery you may step foot into. They’re often covered in a sweet cream that sits atop a fruit chunk gelatin. In this case, we’re enjoying a cannoli stuffed with blueberry strudel pastry bits that’s been turned into an ultimate dessert vape juice. It may be a little layered and meta, but you can rest assured of its ability to make your sweet tooth cry tears of sugar bliss. There’s a reason they don’t call it “boring and unsurprising” instead of “Holy” Cannoli.

Cookie King Lemon Wafer: Adding to the cookie experience, you can’t forget about a timeless and classic addition. The lemon takes the sweet overload of any proper baked cookie and adds a delicious zing of citrus flavor. They’re easy to bake, great to share, and properly cleanse the palette of the Labor Day meal. When you take that experience and turn it into a lemon cookie vapor, you can’t go wrong. By that we mean that the Candy King vape juice people can practically do no wrong. You don’t have to be an elf in a tree to know that these amazing desserts are more than fantastical.

Air Factory Treat Kookie Krunch: On the other side of the dessert and sweet spectrum are your classic baked cookies. There’s no point in resisting the call of the chocolate chips oozing, the crisp wafers crunching, or the sugar cookies blasting the taste buds with sweetness. They’re easy to make and can be baked in large quantities to keep every guest appeased. When you add a dollop of cream to them, you get the dessert that takes home the heartiest thank you. This cookie vape juice is that experience right from your atomizer, but you don’t have to share it. The clouds are all your friends will be getting from this Air Factory eJuice.

Candy King on Salt Iced Strawberry Rolls: “But ominous voice” you might say, “I prefer chewy candy confections that burst with gooey flavor and I love the crunch of a frozen strawberry too.” That seems like an awful lot for you to so specifically say, but fret not. Like a lot of common confection treats that can be found at both stores and most potlucks, this frozen strawberry vape juice will treat your tongue to a chilled and icy fruit treat. When you turn that into a vapor experience, the cookout will come to a cool close once all the food is put away. You can trust the intricate styling of this Candy King vape juice to fully understand your salt nicotine needs.

Holy Cannoli French Toast:Maybe you prefer the timeless method of frying up your desserts and maybe even breakfast at the same time. We don’t judge you for multitasking or enjoying the Italian favorite of the classic cannoli with french toast stuffed inside. Covered in sweet and sticky syrup with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, we can hardly blame you. Once those steps have been completed and plated, you might very well shout Holy Cannoli. If you want to keep this one away from the rest of your guests, we won’t tell on you for stashing it away. We’ve been doing that for years.

Vapetasia Killer Kustard Strawberry: We’re going to jump to the creamier spectrum of the dessert scale here and assume that the Labor Day picnic table is covered in custards and puddings that’ll be sure to clog some arteries. Sweet vanillas adorned with a variety of fruits are inevitable. But the one that’s catching your eye is the vanilla masterpiece that’s loaded down with strawberry bits and sprinkled with sugar. That same experience can be had with this vanilla custard vape juice minus the cleanup. Most of the other desserts will feel like they under-dressed for the party when sitting next to this Vapetasia Killer Kustard Strawberry.

As stated before, this pairing doesn’t even begin to cover our offerings of baked goods and dessert vape juice flavors. But, with 25% off all of our eJuice and nic salts, you can finish this culinary setup yourself and save a sweet load of dough in the process. These products are great, but please don’t try to eat them. We know a couple of you might think about it, so just chalk that one up as a “no” and move on. Our sale will be wrapping up soon, but by using code LABORDAY25, you’ll feel great knowing you get a great selection and amazing savings. We hope your Labor Day weekend was filled with good food and spent with loving family. Thanks for choosing eJuice Direct!

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