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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
The BIG Bottle Co. - 120ml Of Big Dessert Flavor

The BIG Bottle Co. - 120ml Of Big Dessert Flavor

Hooray for the Big Bottle Co. They know what it means to give their customers a great product at an affordable price and they do both all while giving them the King and Queen treatment. Every one of their bottles is a monster 120ml and every bottle is just as good as the last. Try a flavor today and see if you don’t flip like we did for the Big Bottle Co.

Are you a dessert type vaper. We hope you are because the confectionary artists at Big Bottle Co. have really whipped up some heavenly tastes. In fact, these premium eJuices taste just as good as their aromas do. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true! Try one or all of them and see if it isn’t.

Blueberry Cake is a soft cake with plump blueberries and covered with a drizzle of frosting. You’ll get a cake with blue ribbon qualities. There’s nothing quite like a burst of fresh berries to make the mouth water and that glaze of sugar frosting just makes something already wonderful come out perfect.

Cinnamon Cream is a swirl of cinnamon sugar cream. While it is rich and sweet it is also by no means over-powering. In fact, it is a delicate cream. Are you ready to float away? Because this cream might just have you doing that.

Good Ole Custard it’ll hit the spot. Vanilla is always a popular flavor but when you add custard to it, oh la la. It is so good. Rich, yes. Creamy, yes. There’s a subtle nutty taste with light hints of cinnamon too.

Jelly Donut? Yes, please. Make mine with sugar glaze and sprinkles on top if you please. Oh and make it gooey and dripping. I’d like mine filled with raspberry jelly. I want my dough warm from the oven and it to melt in my mouth. Big Bottle Co. can do all of that? Sold! I’ll take a bottle of that premium eJuice right now, thank you very much.

Strawberry Milk is exactly what I need right now. So drip me a tank full and watch me inhale deeply. I can feel rich smooth strawberry milk fill mouth and lungs and I am sated. I think you will too.

However, if Big Bottle Co. doesn’t seem to carry your all day vape, please check out our eJuice Catalog to see our huge collection of vape juice! Don’t forget to look at our Vape Shop Deals to save big on your order! Remember we carry a large assortment of vaping devices and if you’re looking for even more deals, subscribe to our email newsletter for new offers and exclusive products! If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question please contact us and keep vaping!
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