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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
The Psycho Collection

The Psycho Collection

Welcome to the wacky and fun world of Psycho E-Liquids. This premium eJuice company from Nevada believes in having fun and giving customers a surprise in every eJuice bottle and vape experience. That said, they also believe that you deserve the very best. They only use the highest quality ingredients and flavorings and all of their products go through a rigid inspection process so that when you buy your next eJuice, it is the same great taste you experienced in your last bottle.

Get ready for an amazing journey with three flavors that will take your senses to a new world of fantastic proportions. Magic truly happens when you vape Psycho E-Liquids

Psycho Unicorn is the craziest unicorn you’ve ever imagined. He’s white with a tan horn and the wildest pink and purple mane you’ve ever seen. When we asked about that, he said he had something to share with us. We didn’t know what but the crazed look in his eye had us nodding and taking a vape tank to our lips without question. If he was that crazy we didn’t want to rile him. What we found on the other end was a golden sponge cake filled to mysterious perfection with velvety smooth cream. However, this wasn’t just any cream, this took cream to a whole new level because it was a rainbow candy cream. Suddenly we understood why the Unicorn went Psycho in the first place and we were prepared to join him.

Psycho Kitty takes you to a beautiful meadow where nature has sprouted into the most magical of places. As we follow the Psycho Kitty we learn that it has discovered a mysterious juice and we sneak in for a sample. We taste some flavorful berries that are sweet and tart but oh where oh where did that deliciously yummy pastry that’s suddenly warming our tummy come from. We instantly want more but we are very careful not to scratch this Psycho Kitty too hard while he’s vaping because in the dew of the meadow we see it has claws. Still, a scratch now and then would be worth the price for this eJuice if we can get him to move and give us some more.

Psycho Yeti is another creature all together. We found him when it was frigid out and he invited us to follow him home. He didn’t say much, but we knew enough to take a puff when he offered it. Sitting in his ice hut we were welcomed into a world of menthol-infused with ripe fruit. The Psycho Yeti was taking us on a cool journey that contained the sweetest iced fruit you could imagine. We were afraid to open our eyes just in case he disappeared, but we quickly learned that The Psycho Yeti is indeed real.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to go on this journey? All you need to take this fantasy vape vacation is your vaping device and some eJuice. But which one? How wild do you feel? Which creature do you think will lead you to the magic? Will it be the Psycho Unicorn, the Psycho Kitty or the Psycho Yeti? Sounds like a tough decision. So maybe… make it easier and try all three.

If Psycho E-Liquid doesn’t seem to carry your all day vape, check out our eJuice Catalog to see our huge collection of vape juice! Don’t forget to look at our Vape Shop Deals to save big on your order! Remember we carry a large assortment of vaping devices and if you’re looking for even more deals, subscribe to our email newsletter for new offers and exclusive products! If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question please contact us and keep vaping!

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