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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Tip of the Month: How to Care for Your e-Liquid - eJuiceDirect

Tip of the Month: How to Care for Your e-Liquid

Every bottle of e-Liquid sold at eJuice Direct is made with the highest quality ingredients, but just like any other consumable product, it has a shelf life. After you have spent time and money on vape juices and devices, it is important to take care of them to get the most out of your investment. Following these best practices for your vape products goes a long way to get the best performance from your collection of e-juices and disposable vape devices alike.
Especially in the height of summer and the dead of winter, keeping your e-juice at the right temperature is crucial for its performance. Ideally, vape juices should be kept between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit, right about room temperature. This range prevents the natural chemical processes that break down the components of the vape juice; at temperatures outside of this range, the liquid will lose its flavor and freshness much faster. Improper temperature can also contribute to a change in the color or scent of your vape juice, so if you have a bottle of e-juice collecting dust in a hot garage or chilly basement, be sure to peek at the color and give it a whiff to make sure it is safe to vape. For more information on the color or smell of your e-juice, check out our "Did I just receive expired e-Liquid?" blog here!
If you take your bottles of e-juice on the go, it can be easy to leave an extra bottle in your car cupholder for safekeeping, but exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your e-juices. Nowadays, most e-juices come in clear plastic bottles, meaning sunlight can shine through, even if it is not too warm. Temperature aside, sun rays can accelerate the oxidation process that may leave your e-juice off-color, flavorless, and unsafe. Exposure to air can contribute to oxidation as well, which breaks down the chemical compounds in e-juice and degrades the nicotine down to nothing. Notwithstanding the fact that loose bottles of nicotine-containing liquids are a health hazard, subjecting your vape juice to the elements will age them and make them unsafe to vape. All this being said, be sure to keep your e-juice bottles tightly closed and away from direct sunlight no matter where you are; your wallet, your vape tank, and your taste buds will thank you. Disposable vapes need love too! With a small tank of nicotine salt e-juice and a Lithium-Ion battery, these tiny yet mighty vaporizers require just as much care and caution as full-size vape devices. The nicotine e-Liquid inside is still subject to temperature-related damage, and the battery can overheat or freeze from improper care, leaving you with a sad, malfunctioning device. The best practice to keep your disposable vape pen functioning at its best is to keep it in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight, and away from any object that could damage it. Caring for your disposable vape pen is as simple as treating it like a smartphone: keep it at room temperature, don’t leave it in the sun too long, and ensure the body is safe from harm.
  • Always store your e-juices in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or cupboard.
  • Keep vape juice bottles tightly closed and out of direct sunlight.
  • Take care of disposable vape devices like you would a smartphone: at room temperature, out of the sunlight, and safe from being crushed or dropped.
  • If your e-Liquid looks or smells off, read our "Did I just receive expired e-Liquid?" blog to check if it is safe to vape.
Keeping your vape products performing their best shouldn’t be complicated, but it is important for a safe and flavorful vaping experience. Here at eJuice Direct, our wonderful warehouse team cares for your vape products to ensure you are getting the highest-quality e-juices and disposable vape devices. Once they travel from our loving (and sanitized) hands to yours, be sure to follow these best practices for a delicious and safe vape experience. Happy vaping!
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