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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Top 8 Innevape Salts Flavors - eJuiceDirect

Top 8 Innevape Salts Flavors

Top Eight Innevape Salts

Innevape E-Liquids is an innovative company operated by and for vapers. Featuring bold and unique flavors, Innevape offers both nicotine salt e-liquid and regular vape juices. Appearing on the scene in 2013, they first gathered notice with Heisenberg and Heisenberg menthol were noted for their smoothness and flavor depth. Click here to view the eJuice Direct nic salt collection

Innevape E-Liquids Ad

Their lineup of flavors included much more than Heisenberg of course. As early entrants in the e-juice game, Innevape recognized that most adult vapers preferred what the FDA now refers to characterizing flavors. These are the beverage, fruit, and dessert flavors which have dominated tobacco flavored vapes in terms of sales for a decade. Studies have shown the majority of adult vapers prefer these flavors and the longer an adult vapes the more likely they are to prefer characterizing flavors. 



Freebase Nicotine versus Nic Salts

The early Innevape e-liquids used freebase nicotine. This classic form of nicotine is perfect for high-VG vape juices. This was the only form of nicotine used in commercially available vape juices until the advent of nicotine salts around 2015. While in theory, you could make a lower nicotine vape juice with nic salts or a very potent freebase nicotine vape juice, most companies prefer to play off the strengths of each. 

When it comes to vaping, selecting the right kind of vape juice is crucial. Innevape offers both nic salts and high-VG freebase nicotine vape juices. They have totally difference performance parameters. 

Nicotine salts have a lower pH than freebase nicotine. This means that more can be added to given ejuice without making the formula too harsh. Most nicotine salt e-liquids have a pair of nicotine strength options and both are fairly high. Innevape Nic Salts come in 24 and 50mg nicotine strengths.



Mouth to Lung (MTL) versus Direct Lung (DL) Vaping

Nicotine salts also have a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio closer to 50/50. They are expressly designed for use in lower wattage vape pens and vape pod systems. They are too strong to be vaped at high-wattage and out of sub-ohm tanks. But they are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. 

MTL vaping versus DL Vaping

High-VG vape juices use freebase nicotine because their nicotine strengths top out at 12mg and many vapers use zero nicotine versions. Innevape e-liquids come in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg strengths. High-VG vape juice is perfect for Direct Lung or DL vaping.

There are plenty of vape pods on the market that can handle these freebase nicotine vape juices with aplomb but they are optimized for sub-ohm tanks affixed to power fuel vape mods. Do not vape potent nic salts out of a high-wattage vape mod. 



Best Disposable Vape Alternative

Disposable vapes are extremely popular. They deliver satisfying performance and great flavor. They arrive precharged and require no filling. They are also better price performers than gas station prefilled vape pods.


Disposable Vapes


But if you want to save even more money and enjoy even more sophisticated MTL vaping, the combination of a refillable vape pod kit and bottle of nic salts provides the exact same style of vaping but at a lower price point. Vape pod systems are easier to use than ever, filling is a breeze and there are few complications to ponder.

Most refillable vape pod kits come with a pod or coil for nic salts and a lower resistance pod for high-VG vape juices. A Vaporesso XRos Mini or similarly compact draw activated vape pod is just as compact, if not more so, than a disposable vape. 


Tobacco Free Nicotine

Innevape Nicotine Salt E-Liquids are also known as Innevape eLiquids Tobacco Free Nic Salts. The switch to tobacco free nicotine has several features. The first is that it has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine. This advantage allows the gorgeously crafted Innevape flavors to shine through. The second advantage is synthetic and non-tobacco nicotine are made by reputable companies in a lab rather than sourced from tobacco grown in an industrial agriculture setting by Big Tobacco.

Next Generation Labs is the dominant force in the non-tobacco nicotine industry and their TFN product has proven affordable enough to be competitive with tobacco-derived nicotine. 



Top 8 Innevape Salts

As is typical of bottled nic salts, Innevape Salts are sold in 30ml bottles. The available nicotine strengths are 24 and 50mg/ml. They have a range of unique flavors. Here are the top eight Innevape Salts. 

  • The Berg Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • VMD (Vape My Day) Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • Carousel Ice Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • Whatamelon Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • Chill Out Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • MangOMG Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • Fresshh Mint Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt
  • Grape Vape Innevape eLiquids Tobacco-Free Nic Salt


Heisenberg (The Berg) Menthol Innevape Salts

Heisenberg Menthol has, or had since it is now called The Berg, a name inspired by the TV hit Breaking Bad. The flavor is also a famous smash hit, at least in the world of salt nic juices and disposable vapes. A classic blue raspberry ice flavor, all the elements that make blu razz so popular with adult vapers are present. The sweet confection notes are melded with a chilly menthol kick. This is exactly the sort of flavor profile most adult nic salt and disposable vape users prefer. Rebranded as The Berg, this nic salt flavor is a classic all-day vape.


VMD Innevape Salts

VMD Innevape Salts is an acronym for Vape My Day. It is also an all-day vape flavor that is loaded with unique dessert flavors. There are butterscotch, sweet caramel, roasted hazel nut and other sweet flavors in every puff. It has an almost breakfast flavor vibe but has enough balance to never tire the taste buds.

Carousel Ice Innevape Salts

Like The Berg, Carousel Ice Innevape Salts is a perfect nic salt for fans of disposable vapes. It is an apple and menthol fusion. There are confection notes and ripe apple flavors. The coolness cuts through the sugary peaks.


Whatamelon Innevape Salts

Whatamelon Innevape Salts is not just your standard Lush Ice or watermelon confection nic salt. Loaded with tropical passionfruit and pomegranate flavors, it oozes with rich and nectary flavors that enhance a hard-shelled watermelon confection flavor. With enough tartness to keep the flavor from being too cloying. This is a perfect nic salt for adult vapers who grave fruit flavors and it competes with the best disposable vapes.


Chill Out Innevape Salts

The confection flavor of spun cottony sugar and berry notes are a great foundation for a nic salt. Add a blast of cool menthol and you have an all-day vaping flavor adult vapers are sure to crave. Chill Out by Innevape has all the flavor elements and is surprisingly balanced for such a sugar forward vape juice.


MangOMG Innevape Salts

Mango was one of the first truly revolutionary nic salt flavors. It has formed the foundation of countless disposable and bottled nic salt flavors as well, often fused with other tropical flavors and cool menthol ice. Innevape MangOMG Salts fuses elements of sweet orange, tropical guava, cooling menthol and delicious mango to create a truly compelling nic salt flavor.


Fresshh Mint Ice Innevape Salts

Until the federal government intervened and removed Juul Mint from the market, it was the most popular nic salt flavor. Mint remains popular with adult vapers because it is refreshing, cooling and sweet. Fresshh Mint Ice Innevape Salts deliver the mint vaping experience that makes this still one of the great flavors in the history of vaping.


Grape Vape Ice Innevape Salts

Grape Vape Ice Innevape Salts is another outstanding fruit and menthol fusion nic salt. With notes of Concord grape and grape confection, it has a sweet base that is tempered with the coolness of the menthol finish. This is a popular flavor in disposable vapes as well. Consider making the switch to a refillable vape pod kit and bottled nic salt.


Best Juul Alternative

Bottled Nic Salts versus Disposables and Prefilled Pods

Unfortunately, many adult vapers live in areas hit by state or local flavor bans. Limited to tobacco vapes, the gas station pod kits are fairly expensive to own and operate. It takes 43 Juul pods to equal the volume of a single bottle of nic salts. If you live in such an area, Innevape has a perfect flavor for you. When combined with an autodraw refillable vape pod kit, you can save massively while enjoying very similar performance and arguably more complex tobacco flavors. The perfect nic salt for you TNT Innevape Salts. 


TNT (The Next Tobacco) Gold Innevape Salts

TNT Gold Innevape Salts builds upon a sweet tobacco base to create an outstanding tobacco flavor. There are notes of authentic that are reminiscent of maple and even honey flavors. This cuts through the robust and earthy notes, making for an enjoyable all-day vape. 

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