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Us vs. Them: Direct Juice vs. HMBL

by eJuice Direct on June 23, 2019

Choosing the contenders for today’s vape juice flavor battle wasn’t easy. After this week’s earlier reviews covering some cheesecake and tropical fruit flavors, we contemplated moving on from sweets, but with so many options to choose from, we’re not done yet. Today, we’re taking a closer look at lemon cake e-Liquids, highlighting the best of the best from Direct Juice’s Lemon Pound Cake vs. HMBL e-Liquid’s Lemon Cake. Though similar, each vape juice features unique characteristics that make the overall vaping experience something special. We’re counting on you take these two for a spin and choose your favorite lemon cake e-Liquid!

Lemon cake, while a relatively simple flavor, can often be difficult to properly execute. Too much frosted cake will drown out the lemon with its sweetness, but not enough, and the sweetness will be completely overshadowed by tangy lemon tartness. We’ve worked hard to bring these two flavors into perfect balance, and the result is Direct Juice’s Lemon Pound Cake vape juice. Like verified buyer Jordan R., we love how “the lemon peaks and the exhale combines the cake and lemon for an incredible cloud.” Fresh baked lemon pound cake dripping with sugary vanilla icing flavor is described by verified buyer Domenica as tasting “just like a buttery lemon pound cake should be. Not too much lemon, just the perfect amount!” Like other vape juices in our house line, we exclusively use a 70/30 VG/PG mix to ensure you can achieve maximum cloud production while maintaining the integrity of the e-Liquid flavor. Although we have incorporated a hefty dose of sweetness in our Lemon Pound Cake e-juice, our formula has been specifically designed to avoid gunking up your coils while still delivering big flavor and even bigger clouds. “It was nothing I expected, but everything I wanted,” writes verified buyer Sonya M. in her five-star review of Direct Juice’s Lemon Pound Cake. We could not have said it better ourselves. By integrating subtle sweet notes of vanilla frosting into our tangy lemon cake flavor recipe, we’ve seamlessly brought together a Lemon Pound Cake that marries authentic taste with the cloud production you’ve been searching for.

We love HMBL’s take on a sweet and zesty lemon cake slice e-juice, and are floored that HMBL has somehow managed to perfectly capture the incredible moisture and flavor of a fresh cut slice. Lemon Cake e-liquid forgoes the vanilla frosting drizzled sweetness of Lemon Pound Cake, but instead spotlights the crisp and clean taste of fresh lemon zest, described by verified buyer Paul B. as “sweet, but not too sweet. I’d describe the flavor as more lemon meringue than lemon cake, but it’s great nonetheless. Highly recommended if you like a tart / sweet flavored juice that produces good clouds.” As verified buyer Paul B. puts it, “this juice is really good. No surprise since it’s made by HMBL.” A popular brand in the vaping industry, HMBL is a shining example of well- crafted e-Liquids with well developed flavors. Unlike Direct Juice, HMBL utilizes a 65/35 VG/PG ratio. The higher PG content decreases average wick absorption time, decreasing viscosity and potential gunk build up while increasing flavor intensity and throat hit satisfaction. We love the simplicity of this signature HMBL favorite. Less is more when the delicate flavors of lemon zest and soft cake meet in perfect harmony, and we can’t get enough of the tangy taste and super fully cloud production. We love reaping the benefits of an increased PG ratio as well, and appreciate how clearly the flavor shines through the clouds with every taste.

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