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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vape Etiquette: How to Not be That Vaper - eJuiceDirect

Vape Etiquette: How to Not be That Vaper

As our time cooped-up in quarantine begins to end and we are in public spaces more often, it can be difficult to adjust our behaviors from at-home habits to public manners. No one can say they aren’t guilty of a few post-lockdown slip-ups; maybe forgetting to set your phone to vibrate, accidentally leaving your mask in your car, or misplacing your bottle of hand sanitizer. At eJuice Direct, we know how easy it is to become accustomed to vaping in our own homes, but as dignified vapers, we must put in the effort to use our best manners in all spaces. Today, we will address common vape etiquette and how to vape respectfully in private and public places alike.
Simply ask your host! You may be surprised by their answer, but even in a home full of adults, it is best to ask before vaping inside. Whether their concern is the aroma or the clouds fogging up the room, the host’s rules always stand. No one is too cool to vape outside, on a balcony, or even out a window, so be sure to be understanding if asked to vape elsewhere.
At eJuice Direct, we implore all vapers to avoid using vape devices around children, as vaping is only for adults. As for pets, the pet owner can decide what is best for the health and well-being of their furry or scaly friend. However, the VG/PG in vapor, even with 0mg of nicotine, can pose a threat to any animal breathing it in, so we recommend keeping away from pets when vaping.
Always ask! Even if you are outside, vapor can be an annoyance or disturbance to those around you, especially in restaurants where people want to smell their delicious food, not your e-juice. Most restaurants have a balcony or section outside where you can puff away, so be sure to ask the business owner or an employee. Additionally, in some counties or states, vaping in a public place is prohibited, so be sure to check your local and regional ordinances before taking a puff. Many places in these locations have designated areas specifically for smoking or vaping.
Despite being outside, vaping in the vicinity of others can be rude and inconsiderate of their experience at the event. After all, who likes a big cloud of smoke in their view of a concert stage or drive-in movie screen? A low-profile vape device with small clouds may solve this issue, but using any vape device might break the rules, so be sure to follow guidelines or ask an employee.
While vaping is a great option for harm reduction and smoking cessation, no vaper should become a snob about it. The best vape etiquette practice is to just be cool and avoid the topic. However, answering any questions people may have about vaping is a perfect way to spread accurate information about our industry!
Cars present a unique hazard when it comes to vape use, as clouds can impair the vision of the driver. In your car, we urge you to use caution and blow your vapor out the window to prevent the cab from fogging up. In other people’s cars, public transport, and taxi services, vaping is generally not allowed due to the small space we share with others. We also recommend not filling your tank in a vehicle, as movement may cause a spill, and vape juice is difficult to get out of upholstery; some of us have learned this the hard way! In general, the best practice is to put the safety and comfort of those around you first.
We know you’re smart, but after becoming accustomed to vaping in our own homes for so long, it is important to review guidelines and vape etiquette before puffing in public. Our best recommendation is to always ask your host and only vape where you would smoke, such as outside away from others, in your own home, or a designated section. As a community of vapers, we must conduct ourselves respectfully and with consideration to the people around us. At eJuice Direct, we want your vape experience to be safe for you and courteous of the safety and comfort of others, so please vape responsibly!
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