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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Vaping 101 - (#1) Choosing the Right Mod for You

Vaping 101 - (#1) Choosing the Right Mod for You

Welcome again to the eJuice Direct blog; this time around, we’re going to try something a little more different than usual. Instead of the usual reviews of our new products, we’re going to be covering different aspects of vaping with eJuice Direct’s new ‘Vaping 101’ series! This series of blog posts are specifically aimed at the entry-level vaper, but that’s not to say we’ll be forgetting our more seasoned users. For our first ever ‘Vaping 101’, we’ll be talking about picking out the proper device for you. Specifically, we’ll be highlighting our selection of closed systems, regulated box mods, and all in one (AIO) kits.

Now, say you’ve been addicted to traditional analogs. More likely than not, only part of that addiction can be attributed to the feel and taste of a cigarette; in all actuality, the action of puffing on a cigarette is another big part of the problem. If you’ve been in need of an alternative, we highly recommend our selection of closed system devices. The familiar act of hitting a cigarette is mirrored in each of these devices with their buttonless, auto-fire functionalities. The small, compact design of our selection of closed systems sit comfortably between your index and middle fingers as well. Made with salt-based nicotine, these pods were all designed for quick absorption of nicotine for a quicker buzz. The nicotine levels of the various pod systems range from 30mg-50mg of nicotine which is the same as an entire pack of cigarettes. Out of the whole category, we must say the PHIX takes the cake; if you’re looking for a more in-depth review, check out our PHIX blog post.

If you’re looking to keep things nice and compact, but are looking for just that extra kick in power, then perhaps an AIO kit will serve you well. These AIO kits offer more vapor production than any closed system device out there. Not only do they allow for more vapor, but they also allow their users to refill their built in tanks with whichever eLiquid they please. Though stronger, these are not made to chuck clouds; though, we can definitely say these are great for flavor chasers and anyone just looking to find the right nic-buzz! Like the closed systems, these AIO devices are small in size but offer direct mouth to lung (MTL) hits which help in delivering you the nicotine you need. If we had to have an editor’s choice for an AIO kit, we’re going to have to give the Eleaf iCare Mini Kit or the Aspire Breeze AIO Kit the trophy for this one.

Are you a cloud chaser? Do you enjoy vivid tasting flavors? Then you would definitely be the type looking for a regulated box mod styled vaping device! Compared to the last two types of vapes we’ve covered, box mods allow you to adjust your wattage/temperature, as well as any other miscellaneous features that you wouldn’t be able to do on an AIO device or closed system. Though we recommend starting small, anything really goes – it’s all on you! We can talk about a whole slew of different combinations of mods, atomizers, etc. but we’re going to save that for another day. We’ll be taking a look at our Box Mod Styled Kits that come included with their own atomizer. If you’re relatively new to vaping, you should start slow with something such as the Aspire EVO75 75W Kit; this setup has everything you need to get acclimated into standard vaping. If you’re a user that’s already craving for the next big step, then the popular SMOK Alien 220W Kit may be for you; SMOK hit quite the home run with this kit!

We’re still a little green to this whole informative-style of blogs, but we hope that this one managed to help folks out. Next time on ‘Vaping 101’, we’ll go even further in-depth on the realm of regulated box mods – so stay tuned!

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