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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Voices Carry: Direct From the Customer Week 2 - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Voices Carry: Direct From the Customer Week 2 - eJuice Direct

Voices Carry: Week 2

The eJuice Direct fanbase is bigger than we have ever dreamed it could be, and we are so grateful for every one of you. To give back to our wonderful community, we reached out to some of the most active members and asked them a few questions about their experiences and what they would like to see at eJuice Direct in the future. Today on the Direct Blog, we are here to address some helpful comments and insights given to us by vaper Jimmy E., who graciously responded to our questions with meaningful words and suggestions. Let’s see what they have to say and talk about what eJuice Direct has in store for the future of vaping.

First off, we asked Jimmy what their favorite e-juice flavor is, and we were surprised to hear that they love Taffy Splash Blue Razz e-Liquid, which we have not had in our warehouse for some time. Luckily, we are always looking to carry more flavor options for vapers like Jimmy, and we have noted this suggestion. This helpful reviewer also added that when shopping, they “usually look at reviews, but I also reference YouTube reviews as well.” We love to hear about this dedication to reading reviews and hearing out other vapers on their experiences, and our reviews section is always booming thanks to vapers like Jimmy (and like you!)

We are humbled to hear that there are things Jimmy wishes we carried that we currently do not, and we are always open to suggestions. Jimmy tells us, “I would like for you guys to carry Taffy Splash Blue Razz again… I do like the $50 over for free shipping.” Our free shipping coupon code is always active, and we are happy to hear that it is well-loved. As for our warehouse, we are currently clearing out some older e-Liquids (check out our Closeout Section for deals on disappearing e-juices) to make room for new flavors, so keep an eye out for more of these fan-favorite flavors coming soon!

When it comes to writing reviews, Jimmy tells us, “if I feel like a product isn’t good or if it’s great, I like to let the customer know.” Reviewers like Jimmy are the backbone of eJuice Direct, and we could not be where we are today without this dedicated group of vapers leaving detailed reviews to inform others of the quality and flavors they love, so we thank you deeply for your service to the community. Finally, we let Jimmy in on an eJuice Direct secret, and you are in on it now too! When asked about an upcoming project here, Jimmy told us, “the subscription service would be nice… I think if it’s a good value and no hassle and selections were customizable, be a good start.” Duly noted, Jimmy, and we thank you for your contribution to our list of ideas.

Community members like Jimmy E. inspire us here at eJuice Direct, and we love to hear this helpful feedback. If you have ideas of what you would like to see in the future, tag us @ejuicedirect in your next post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know. We are always taking suggestions, and we love to fulfill the wildest vape dreams of our fandom as much as we can. Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more sneak peeks into what is new, product recommendations, and more!

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