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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Welcome to eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Welcome to eJuice Direct

So what is eJuice Direct?

In short, it's a place where you can get premium ejuice at wholesale prices. Think Costco for ejuice, minus the membership fees :)

You see, there is a huge gap in the ejuice marketplace.

On one end you have the cheap, mass-produced (hit or miss quality), simple one flavor ejuices like Mt. Baker or Vape Wild. On the other, you have the expensive, "handcrafted" (consistent quality), complex flavor ejuices like Ripe Vapes or Five Pawns. But there is no middle ground!

Now it's no secret that premium ejuice carries a large premium due to this gap in quality. And that's where Buy eJuice Direct comes into play. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy these premium ejuices at reasonable prices.

So we go out and set up accounts with ejuice distributors so that we can purchase ejuice at the same wholesale prices that other online and brick and mortar stores do. Even after paying for shipping, merchant fees and other expenses, we are still able to get the same premium ejuice to you, for 25% off (or more) of the regular price.

But there is a catch.

We don't operate like a normal shop because we don't stock any ejuice. If we did, we'd have to take on what's called inventory risk and that would eat away at the savings :o and we can't have that ;)

What we do is take orders, preorders if you will, and then place one massive order with our suppliers. This accomplishes a few things:

1) We are able to order in bulk and bulk pricing is always better

2) We pay almost the same amount to ship 10 bottles or 300 bottles of juice to us. Weird right? Yeah, we think so too :(

3) Because we don't stock the ejuice, we don't have to compensate for breakage, theft, spoiling and unsold inventory. All things that regular stores deal with and have to build into the price of their products.

This method allows us to offer rock bottom pricing on premium ejuices and thus fulfilling our mission.

Speaking of our mission, it actually has 3 parts:

1) To provide premium ejuice at the best prices anywhere. Think Black Friday deals, every day of the year. We think we're doing a pretty, pretty good job of this :)

2) To offer the largest selection of premium juice on the planet. Hey, we're trying ok? We're adding more brands weekly. Just you wait. Come back in a year and I dare you to show me someone who has more selection than us.

3) To give people, you, yeah you, the best customer service experience of your life! Based on the feedback we're receiving, we'd like to think that we're checking off this box too.

But hey! You tell us... No, seriously. Tell us. Here --->

So I hope you enjoy saving tons of cash on some amazing juices, otherwise I don't know what you're doing here :p



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