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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
You Know & Love Them - Bubble Gang Returns!

You Know & Love Them - Bubble Gang Returns!

Keep yourself strapped cause Bubble Gang’s back in town! We once carried their original lineup of Bubble Gang eLiquid with the 60ml bottles of OG Bubba and Sour Menace, but we’re proud to reintroduce their comeback with brand new, exciting packaging! With the addition of the new flavor Grape Ape, Bubble Gang graduates their original OG Bubba and Sour Menace flavors from 60ml glass bottles to 100ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles!

Bubble Gang’s Grape Ape is the rookie contender in the Bubble Gang family, but with an impeccable grape infused bubble gum taste – this little sucker tastes like it fits riiiight in! This eLiquid starts things off with a subtle, tart delivery of the grape notes and ends with a coat of grape bubble gum taste. If you love grape flavored eJuice, you’re probably going to want more than just a single bottle of Bubble Gang’s Grape Ape! A very much welcome addition to the Bubble Gang family for sure!

Bubble Gang’s OG Bubba is just as good as you remember! With an unchanged recipe, the only change Bubble Gang made was tacking on an extra 40ml of eJuice to the original 60ml size. Yep, you guessed it; that’s a whole 40ml more of bubbalicious flavor for all to enjoy! OG Bubba keeps things simple and clean with a pure taste of watermelon infused bubble gum flavor with each and every hit. The inhale starts with a chew of sweet bubble gum notes with watermelon that makes you want to savor a chunk of the real deal. The exhale sweetens the watermelon notes with a coat of bubble gum during the smooth fruity finish. Perfect for anyone looking for a no-gimmick bubble gum blend of eLiquid.

Bubble Gang’s Sour Menace crushes an entire green apple’s worth of flavor and folds it into a piece of bubble gum! Back and better than ever, Sour Menace’s flavor stays true to its origins with an upgraded 100ml size! The inhale offers a crisp note of green apple flavor that’s slightly tart in its delivery. The exhale envelops the green apple in a sheet of smooth bubble gum flavor during the sweet apple finish. If you enjoy apple vapes at all, then we definitely think you should try a bottle of Bubble Gang’s Sour Menace – no doubt, this one of the most flavorful blends of bubble gum eJuice out there!

Bubble Gang returns with a vengeance with their revised lineup of bubble gum inspired blends of eJuice! If you’re low on Bubble Gang or want to give the whole collection a try, you can even get an exclusive, limited edition ‘Bubble Gang x eJuice Direct’ T-Shirt with your purchase! You heard right; your favorite bubble gum eJuice with your favorite eJuice website on one visually stunning T-shirt! Be swift and grab a shirt that’s your size while supplies last!

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