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    Holy Cannoli (12)

    Holy Cannoli French Toast eJuice


    Holy Cannoli Strawberry Cream eJuice


    Holy Cannoli Glazed Donut eJuice


    Holy Cannoli Blueberry Strudel eJuice


    Holy Cannoli Fruit Cereal eJuice


    Holy Cannoli Ejuice

    Holy moly, this vape juice brand is heavenly! Holy Cannoli e-Liquids lives up to their ethereal name with flavor profiles that deliver a little taste of Italian desserts in every delectable puff.


    Loyal cannoli lovers cannot get enough of their classic pastry flavor Glazed Donut, providing the rich flavors of an oven-fresh glazed donut wrapped in a fried cannoli shell, and their breakfast staple flavor French Toast, delivering the deliciousness of a pile of french toast with powdered sugar and maple syrup flavors. Straight out of grandma’s kitchen, Holy Cannoli offers incredibly authentic dessert flavors that will quiet even the sweetest vaper’s sweet tooth. One puff and you’ll never want to try a different pastry e-juice flavor again; it’s just that delicious! If you haven’t tried a cannoli vape juice flavor yet, or you haven’t tried this Italian dessert before, your taste buds will be wholly pleased by the divine dessert flavor and satisfying throat hit. Check out the eJuice Direct collection of Holy Cannoli e-Liquids and taste the e-juice that will make you say, you guessed it, holy cannoli!

    Holy Cannoli Salts

    The outstanding flavors of Holy Cannoli are not just vape mod fuel anymore. These same intricately formulated eJuices can also be enjoyed as potent nic salts. The balanced notes of pastry goodness and bursts of sweetness are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. You won't find flavors quite like this in your run of the mill line of nic salts or in a disposable vape. 

    If you are currently vaping disposables, you can save money and enjoy the unforgettable all-day vaping flavors of Holy Cannoli in an easy to use refillable vape pod starter kit. Holy Cannoli Salts are sold in 30ml bottles, which is twice the amount of nic salts as even the most ponderous and outsized disposable vape. There are also two nicotine strengths available, 35mg and 50mg. Most disposables vapes only come in 50mg. Flexibility, flavor and satisfaction, Holy Cannoli makes the best disposable vape alternative and absolutely blows the tobacco flavors found in gas station vape pod kits out of the water. 

    Lemon Custard

    Smooth and sweet, the tart bite of lemon is smoothed out with custard smoothness and sweetness in this balanced nic salt. 

    Strawberry Cream

    The nic salt companion piece to Strawberry Cream Cannoli, the changes to this formula to make it perfect for MTL vaping do not detract from the authentic strawberry fruit notes and creamy cannoli finish. 

    Holy Cannoli Flavors

    Holy Cannoli offers a lot more than just cannoli flavored vape juices, although frankly this cannoli flavor is so good that this might be more than enough. Instead, they have branched into a variety of breakfast and pastry themed flavors. Inspired by baked goodness, Holy Cannoli may have been inspired by legendary dessert and breakfast flavors but these are pure all-day vapes that do not tire out the tastebuds. 

    Blueberry Strudel

    Blueberry is pretty high on the list of all-time most popular vape juice flavors. So it takes a lot to stand out. Blueberry Strudel by Holy Cannoli does so with ease. The addition of jammy elements to a bold blueberry base, sweet icing and flaky pastry flavors make this one of the best blueberry ejuice and nic salt flavors ever. 

    Strawberry Cream

    Along with blueberry, strawberry is a long-time staple flavor of vaping. Cream and strawberry fusion have also been popular for many years. Holy Cannoli Strawberry Cream continues this tradition and takes it to a higher level, with addition cannoli elements which make for a magic vape flavor. 

    French Toast

    French Toast is a well-known staple of breakfast tables and even brunches. The maple, golden toast smooth buttery flavors and almost custardy dipped bread notes are all here in this amazing vape juice. 

    Fruit Cereal

    Formerly named Fruit Pebbled, Fruit Cereal retains the smooth cannoli base flavor but adds in bursts of crunchy, fruity cereal flavors. 


    Now known as Fruit Cereal, this is a fruit cereal infused cannoli flavor. 

    Glazed Donut

    Scrumptious cannoli flavors fused with glazed donut flavors. 

    Apple Bread Pudding

    Adding authentic notes of ripe apple into blend of bread pudding flavors has resulted in another winner for Holy Cannoli.

    Southern Bread Pudding

    Southern Bread Pudding by Holy Cannoli captures the sweet and comforting flavors of southern style bread pudding. Vanilla notes and a creamy mouth feel make this a surprisingly alluring and balanced all-day vape. 


    Holy Cannoli TFN Donut Series

    Donuts. A simple word. A simple breakfast treat. But there are so many derivations and versions of the classic donut that it is almost impossible not to find one you like. Holy Cannoli expands on some of the more popular donut flavors and uses them to inform and influence the delightful and seamless flavors of the Holy Cannoli TFN Donut Series. 

    Glazed Donut

    The classic and probably best known donut flavors. Sweet icing, flaky yet gooey when warm. This bakery fresh flavor translates into an outrageously delicious eJuice and nic salt. 

    Blueberry Donut

    Another instant classic by Holy Cannoli, at first glance it would seem the market for blueberry flavored vapes is pretty much saturated. Yet there is nothing out there like Blueberry Donut in the Holy Cannoli Donut collection. It has a jammy and balanced blueberry flavor that positively pops with flavor. Add in a donut inspired base and you have even more balance and flavor. 

    Strawberry Donut

    Strawberry is another massively popular vape juice flavor. And it might seem that there is little room for improvement on the existing strawberry vapes. Yet Strawberry Donut manages to elevate strawberry vapes to new heights while retaining the traditional sweet and ripe flavor elements that made it so popular in the first place. 


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