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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Hyde Disposable Vapes have emerged as one of the most popular brands in vaping. Their convenient disposable vape pens are ready to use out of the box, and noted for great flavor. Just as important, they have a reputation for reliability and longevity. 


Hyde has offered several disposable vape pen designs over the course of the years. They are all draw-activated and use nicotine salts to deliver satisfaction. The nicotine strength is 50mg in Hyde Disposables and this makes them a great alternative to the gas station vape pod kits that are limited to tobacco flavors. 

Rechargeable Hyde Disposable Vapes

The newest models of Hyde Disposable Vapes are rechargeable. This offers some major advantages even for a disposable vape pen. The first advantage is that a smaller battery can be used, as it only need last for a day or two rather than the entire life cycle of the disposable. This is no small deal when disposable vapes from Hyde and other companies routinely exceed 10ml of nic salts in capacity. 

Rechargeable batteries cut down on expensive, larger battery sizes and replace that with increased nic salt capacity and a smaller form factor. In theory, you could make a disposable vape the size of a bassoon that holds a gallon of vape juice and is powered by a bank off 18650 batteries like an electric car, but adult vapers seek an easy to use device that requires no filling and fits in the palm of your hand. 

Hyde Disposable Vape Models

Hyde has developed a number of innovative disposable vapes. Here are a few of their most popular models.

Hyde Retro Rave

The Hyde Retro Rave is a rechargeable disposable vape and is a longer lasting disposable vape as well. It also has an LED light that can be switched on or off, hence the name rave. This design received rave reviews for its puff count, estimated at up to 5000, and 13ml nic salt vape juice capacity. The 650mAh battery is comparable to a refillable vape pod like a Caliburn or Smok Novo (800mAh), meaning it will not leave you high and dry before requiring a charge. 

Hyde Mag Recharge

Using design elements seen on the popular Smok Mag Grip series of mods, the Hyde Mag Recharge has an ergonomic design that is backed up by long lasting disposable vape performance. It is estimated to churn out 4500 puffs and holds 10ml of Hyde's award winning nic salt flavors. 

Hyde ID

Another 4500 puff disposable vape, the Hyde ID has a compact form factor that resembles the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. This packaging places the battery parallel to the vape juice reservoir, creating a shorter and easier to handle design. The draw is a bit looser on this one but the flavors are bold as can be for all-day vaping. 

Hyde Edge

The Hyde Edge is the classic disposable vape pen design, with a 10ml capacity and 600mAh battery. The form factor resembles a Smok Novo.

Hyde IQ

With an estimated 5000 puffs, the innovative Hyde IQ has features generally found on reusable and refillable vape pod kits. This includes an enhanced battery life indicator, air flow controls, and intuitive controls on a simple to use and compact disposable vape.  

Hyde Rebel Pro

The Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge is a business like and high performance disposable vape. The outstanding coil design extracts endless waves of nic salt flavor. Estimated at 5000 puffs, this is a perfect disposable for vapers on the go. 

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