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Nic Salt (18)

Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Rainbow Blood


Sadboy Salt Cookie Line - Shamrock Cookie


Sadboy Salt Cookie Line - Custard Cookie


Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Punch Berry


Sadboy Salt Cookie Line - Butter Cookie


Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Strawberry Blood


Sadboy Salt Cookie Line - Key Lime Cookie


Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Rainbow Blood Ice


Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Punch Berry Ice


Sadboy Salt Cookie Line - Pumpkin Cookie


Sadboy Salt Fruit Line - Strawberry Blood Ice


Nic Salts

Most adult vapers are looking for a flavorful and satisfying experience. They are looking for a compact device, discrete performance and ease of use.

Nicotine salts turned out to be exactly what the market demanded. eJuice Direct has the nic salts that you are looking for and the refillable vape pod starter kits you need to extract every last puff from your favorite nic salt flavor. 

Even hobbyists who use vape mods find many situations where a small, low-wattage device and loaded with a more potent salt nicotine e-liquid is practical.

This is exactly what eJuice Direct's Nic Salts Collection provides. With a lower pH than traditional freebase nicotine, salt nicotine can be added in much greater quantities without the vapor being made too harsh to tolerate.

For those who remember the state of the vaping industry before Nic Salts, the sundry pens and harsh high-PG tobacco juices of 2012 do not compare favorably with the modern refillable pod kit and Nic Salt flavor.

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Mouth to Lung Vaping Experience

There are two primary methods of vaping. Vapers who are chasing clouds and using powerful box mods are taking advantage of the open airflow of their sub-ohm device to enjoy direct lung or DL vaping.

 MTL vaping

Disposable vapes, also utilizing nicotine salt vape juice, and pod systems deliver mouth to lung or MTL vaping. The draw on these compact devices is more akin to a combustible. Many of these pod systems are draw activated and have less than 20 watts of power. This is the secret of the efficiency of Nic Salts.

Higher nicotine strengths mean that less vapor is required. Less vapor means less wattage and lower temperature is required and higher-resistance coils can be used. All of this requires a smaller battery and device.

The net result is that nic salts allow vapers to enjoy great flavor, great satisfaction and avoid a larger device and a large vapor cloud. Also note worthy, smaller devices burn less salt nic juice.

The vape juice itself uses salt nicotine and generally uses a 50/50 VG/PG blend. A few brands use a 60 percent vegetable glycerin mix for their nicotine salts. Freebase nicotine vape juices are usually made with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, which generates more more vapor.

Salt nicotine juice strikes a perfect balance between vapor production and flavor and nic salts have largely driven the high-PG juices of yesteryear off the market, although some veteran vapers still prefer the chest burn and throat hit of PG heavy freebase e-liquids. 


Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine salts are not necessarily any more more potent than freebase nicotine. You can add a given quantity of salt nic or freebase to an e-liquid and they are roughly equivalent in potency. 

But the lower pH of salt nic, which is manufactured by adding benzoic acid to freebase nicotine, can simply be added in greater amounts into a vape juice without making it too harsh for a human to deal with. The highest potency freebases used to be 36mg, they were used in low wattage vape pens and suffice it to say they worked pretty stiffed. The aforementioned "chest burn" was considered a feature rather than a bug but without access to Nic Salts, e-juice makers had little choice in the matter. 

The advantage that bottled nicotine salts have over disposable vapes is that they are available in a wider range of flavors and nicotine strengths. Most bottled nicotine salt vape juice flavor options are sold in 25 and 50mg nicotine strengths. Whilst both potencies are far too strong to be vaped out of a high-wattage mod, the typical disposable vape is usually sold with a 50mg strength nic salt juice contained within.

If you are looking for a lower nicotine strength option, freebase nicotine can be vaped out of many convenient vape pod kits, although they will require a lower resistance coil in most cases.


Pod Systems

Relying on smaller devices than are required for traditional e-juice, nic salt vape juice is perfect for vaping on the go. The vape juice itself is easily enjoyed as the modern vape pod kit is designed for ease of use. The combination of nic salt vape juices and draw activated pod starter kit is the best disposable vape alternative.


Best Disposable Vape Alternative

Disposable vapes are all the rage in vaping. They also use nicotine salts but in a one time use device. eJuice Direct carries a tremendous selection of the best disposable vapes. By using salt nic, disposable vapes are able to kick out amazing flavor and a very satisfying experience while producing little vapor. Unlike the prefilled vape pods sold in gas stations, they are not limited to stuffy tobacco flavors.

Modern disposable vapes have rechargeable lithium ion batteries and contain massive amounts of Nic Salt vape juice. Some models hold the equivalent of half a bottle of Nic Salt. Yet at the end of the day, a disposable vape is wasteful and a one time use device. Yes, they can deliver a ton of puffs but a 30ml bottle nicotine salts is still a much better price performer.

Combined with a cutting edge coil and vape pod kit with a new coil, not even the best disposable can compete with the technology and flavor kicked out by the refillable vape pod kit and salt nicotine combo. Nic Salt juices are the fuel for both disposables and pod starter kits, but a permanent device is a more mindful and efficient. And the selection of eJuice Direct's nicotine salt e-juice flavors is larger than even the biggest disposable vape collection.


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