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Confection Vapes


Founded in Los Angeles by the powerhouse Villain Vapes, Confection Vapes is the top dog in Americana flavor profiles, adored by vapers everywhere for their authentic flavors featuring traditional candies and sweets. From the classic Original Red, a twisted red licorice candy, to the ever-popular Zookie, a blueberry sugar cookie a la mode, these vape juice flavors satisfy even the most sophisticated vaper’s sweet tooth. Confection Vapes has secured their place at the top of the vape industry with their delectably unique e-Liquids in classy vintage-style packaging, making them unmistakable on vape shop shelves and in our collection here at eJuice Direct. Don’t believe us? Fill your tank with any of these incredible flavors and see what the hype is about! Confection Vapes e-Liquids are a staple in an e-juice collection, and your only regret will be not buying more.