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Puff Labs e-Liquids


Based in sunny Las Vegas, Puff Labs has been creating hit e-juice after hit e-juice, and vape users everywhere can’t get enough. With their whimsical flavor lines and crazy packaging to match, Puff Labs is a staple in out-of-this-world e-juice flavors. Their top-selling Psycho Unicorn, an one-of-a-kind combination of rainbow cream and sponge cake flavors, is just one of many incredibly unique vape juices that set this brand apart from the sea of e-juice manufacturers. Their underdog hit flavor, Psycho Yeti, is a hidden gem among their options with a funky berry blend and icy menthol flavors, exactly what the mysterious Yeti would vape! From imaginative flavor profiles to aesthetically pleasing packaging, no vape juice collection would be complete without a Puff Labs e-Liquid to keep things flavorful and exciting. You can puff the day away with high-quality ingredients from a trusted brand, and your sweet tooth will thank you again and again. Wildly captivating and deliciously complex, this e-juice brand is a mainstay in the industry, so check out eJuice Direct’s collection of Puff Labs vape juice today and taste the quality for yourself!