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Smoking Vapor


Originally founded as Smoking Vapor in 2008 and recently rebranded as Mi-One Brands late summer 2019, this vape hardware manufacturer has well over a decade of industry experience and knowledge to offer vape consumers. In 2014 Smoking Vapor first released the first version of their now namesake Mi-One crossover vape system. Convenient, compact, and simple-to-operate, the vape device became an instant success. Mi-One Brands followed up their success with the Mi-Pod in 2016, which is still their best-selling device today. Since 2016 the Mi-Pod's elegant design and excellent functionality have earned it over 20 awards and accolades, and the wide range of color options give each user the opportunity to select a product that fits both their personality and their lifestyle. Today, Mi-Pods are still wildly popular and continue to offer premium performance, excellent flavor delivery, and an inexpensive alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. With years of innovation behind them, there's no reason to pass up this chance to try out a truly great vape device. At eJuice Direct we offer excellent prices on both the Mi-Pod Kit and Wi-Pod Kit in a large variety of color and pattern options. Comfortable in the hand and so conveniently sized for a pocket or purse, one taste and you'll be able to experience the difference in quality immediately. Take a chance on Mi-One Brands because they will not disappoint!

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