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Transition to Fall Vape Flavors


Falling for Vape

As summer comes to an end and the brisk breeze of fall comes rolling in, our vape juice flavors should change with the seasons! eJuice Direct offers over one thousand e-juice flavors, and there are dozens that fit perfectly into any crisp autumn day. From pumpkin spice lattes to toasted marshmallows, there is a flavor profile to fit any occasion. Check out our selections of top-selling e-Liquids to fill your fall days with flavor!

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee on a chilly autumn day, but you don’t have to wait in line to get your pumpkin spice fix anymore. Barista Brew Pumpkin Spice Latte e-Liquid delivers a delicious puff of authentic coffee with sweet pumpkin and cinnamon sugar, perfectly balanced with a splash of milk. Spice up your day with a sweet puff of this e-juice, and grab a cup of the real thing to complete the mellow autumn vibes.

Barista Brew Pumpkin Spice Latte

Sparking up an Evening Bonfire?

Marina Classics toasty marshmallow

sitting by the fire with a marshmallow on a stick is the perfect way to end a blustery fall day, and with Marina Toasty Marshmallow e-Liquid, you can get that classic flavor without the mess! Forget about marshmallow fluff sticking to your fingers and chocolate running down your chin, and take a deliciously authentic puff of this e-juice, oozing with perfectly-toasted marshmallow flavor and creamy custard notes. Perfect to pair with the real thing or with any Halloween treat, this vape juice will become a staple you won’t want to put down when winter comes!

Raking a Pile of Leaves?

Brisk autumn air is second to none, and outdoor fall activities are the perfect way to appreciate the season. Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle e-Liquid is the perfect e-juice to spice up your chilly day, offering a sweet puff of warm milk dusted with cinnamon sugar, just like mom used to make! With creamy milky flavor and spicy cinnamon, this vape juice will turn any day into a perfect fall day. Grab the rake and get to it, those leaves aren’t going to jump on themselves!

Cuttwood OG Sugar Drizz

On Your Way to the Apple Orchard?

Kilo Black apple pie

A beautiful apple orchard is the best place to spend a fall afternoon, and your vape juice should match the incredible fruit flavors in your basket! Kilo Black Series Apple Pie e-Liquid will make you want to run home, grab your apron, and bake a real apple pie, delivering sweet red apple pie flavor and notes of warm cinnamon sugar in every puff. This e-juice is a great addition to any day spent in the brisk autumn air; after just one puff, you’ll wish it could be fall forever. Pair this e-juice with the real thing, a class of apple cider, or your favorite fall beverage!

Craving Brunch?

When the air is crisp and the mornings are cold, cuddle up to a plate of brunch and fill your tank with Coastal Clouds Maple Butter e-Liquid. Fresh pancake flavor slathered with rich maple syrup is the perfect way to start any fall day, and with this delightful e-juice, you don’t have to wake up early and cook! This vape juice makes it easy to take those classic brunch flavors with you all day, so you can sleep in and vape on.

Coastal Clouds eliquid Sweets Maple Butter

Getting Spooky on Halloween Night?

large EJD ORO app  Ice  Boxandbar 2| Vape Disposable- eJuice Direct

When it’s time to get spooky, you need a vape that can come with you on all your Halloween adventures, and the ORO Disposable Apple Ice vape pen is the perfect option! Delivering over 300 puffs of crisp apple flavor with a cool menthol finish, you’ll want to have this handy vape device in your back pocket all night. Don’t let a bulky vape kit clash with your costume! Grab a ORO Disposable vape pen and go win a costume contest while vaping in style.

Final Thoughts

Stock up on classic fall vape flavors and get your season off to a delicious start! Let us know which vape flavors are your favorites for autumn in the reviews sections on every product page. Shop eJuice Direct today and savor the savings all season long!

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