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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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5 Tips for Beginner Vapers - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

5 Tips for Beginner Vapers - eJuice Direct

5 Tips for Beginner Vapers

Being a beginner is the first step toward becoming an expert, and everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a new vape user, entering the industry might seem overwhelming, but we are here on the Direct Blog to help make this as simple as possible. Here are our top five tips for beginners to get started vaping!
  1. Decide on the right device for you

Choosing the right vape device is the first step to becoming an experienced vaper. There are two different types of reusable vape devices, and each one is different. A sub-ohm vape, such as a vape kit or vape mod, uses regular e-juice and offers larger clouds and a lighter throat hit. A low-wattage vape device, such as a pod system, uses nicotine salt e-juice and provides smaller clouds and a stronger throat hit. For more help in choosing a style of vaping, check out our blog, How to Choose a Vape. Once you have your vape device, you are ready to try some delicious e-Liquid!
  1. Select a High-Quality Vape Juice

Understanding VG and PG

Understanding what makes a quality vape juice is an important step in finding an all-day vape flavor that you want to enjoy for a long time. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the two main ingredients in vape juice, and each serves a different purpose. VG is thicker, sweeter, and produces bigger vapor clouds. PG is thinner, has no taste, and offers smaller clouds. Each vape juice comes in different ratios, but most regular e-juices fall into either 70/30 or 80/20, and most nic salt vape juices are 50/50. This is a simple thing to keep in mind when choosing vape juice, as a higher amount of VG tends to clog up coils faster, but this is not a be-all-end-all of vape juice. We recommend focusing on the right type of e-Liquid and the flavor you want before getting too technical with it.

Find Your Flavor

Finding a delicious flavor that you will enjoy vaping all day is easy with eJuice Direct’s Flavor Navigation page. This page can help you narrow your search by selecting the flavor you want and browsing all the e-juices with that flavor. Each e-Liquid product page also includes a flavor profile and a brief description of the e-juice, so we recommend referring to this page before purchasing. There are thousands of vape juices to choose from in dozens of flavor categories, so we do not doubt that you will find your go-to vape juice.
  1. Keep up with fresh coils and batteries

A fresh coil will ensure that your vape juice flavor will taste clean and pure. A burnt or old coil will give you an unpleasant burnt taste, so this is easy to spot. Make sure you get the right coils for your device, and your device manual will help you find the right size and wattage for your vape. A new battery will also help you keep your vaping experience delicious, as a fully charged battery will ensure that your device is giving you all the power it can to offer flavorful puffs.
  1. Clean your vape often

Keeping your tank, o-ring, and drip tip clean will help your device last longer and provide tastier puffs. Whenever you disassemble your device to change a coil or empty your tank, be sure to clean all of these parts with fresh running water to clear out any residue that may be stuck inside. Check out the How to Clean a Vape Tank blog for step-by-step instructions on keeping all of these parts clean and functioning.
  1. Upgrade when needed

While most vape devices are long-lasting, you may need to upgrade your device every year or so. Taking care of your vape will help it last longer, but as with any piece of technology, your device will age and wear out over time, especially if you vape heavily. Whenever your device starts to not hold a charge or otherwise malfunction, an upgrade is in order. Shop eJuice Direct’s collection of vape kits, mods, and pod kits to take advantage of our always affordable prices. This list of tips for beginning vapers is a great place to start, and there are plenty more blogs right here on eJuice Direct to help you become an expert vape user. Check out our Matching the Correct Vape Hardware to Your Device and Vape Etiquette blogs for more information on getting started, and stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more tips and tricks, product reviews, and more.
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