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eJuice Direct Steal of the Day 9/18/2020 – Chubby Vapes

Chubby Vapes Steal of the day Blog

Chubby Vapes e-Juice Get your taste buds ready for the twisted bubblegum flavors of Chubby Vapes e-Liquids in today’s Steal of the Day! This exclusive eJuice Direct deal is a perfect opportunity to refill your collection of your favorite e-Liquids, and with this unbeatable price, you can stock up and save. This deal won’t last […]

What is Your Favorite Vape Juice?

eJuice Direct Billboard - Blog

What’s Your Favorite Flavor? Finding your favorite e-juice is just like finding your favorite food, you just have to try it! Vape juice comes in thousands of different flavor profiles from fruits to desserts to menthols, and picking one out from eJuice Direct’s collection of over one thousand e-Liquids is easy and streamlined. Every vaper’s […]

eJuice Direct’s Weekly Product Review: Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts Grappleberry e-Liquid

eJuice Direct’s Weekly Product Review: I Love Salts

We’re all a little mad, but Mad Hatter e-Liquids is the maddest of them all! In this week’s Weekly Product Review, we will dive into I Love Salts Grappleberry e-Liquid, a vape juice that stands out at eJuice Direct as a fan-favorite for the low-wattage vapers. With a sweet and tart grape, apple, and berry […]

How Reliable are Online Vape Stores in Terms of Quality?

eJuice Direct Warehouse Image - Blog
Authorized Vape Juice Retailers Shopping for vape juice online can be an overwhelming experience, and with so many online retailers to choose from, you have to make sure your go-to site is legitimate. eJuice Direct is an authorized vape juice retailer offering over 70 brands of e-Liquids and vaping hardware, so you can trust us [...]

eJuice Direct Steal of the Day 9/17/2020

Bam's Canolli Steal of the Day

Today’s Steal of the Day features a vape juice brand that offers luxuriously indulgent flavors that you won’t want to put down. Bam’s Cannoli e-Liquids are the perfect all-day vape juices for the dessert flavor fans and sweets lovers alike, and with this incredible deal, you can stock up and save. Don’t wait on these […]

What Household Items Can I Use for e-Liquid?

Nothing. Really, nothing.  We know the eJuice Direct community of vapers is full of smart individuals who understand the importance of safety regarding vaping and vape juice, but you might be surprised by the things people want to put in their tanks. Just to be perfectly clear, you should only vape authentic e-Liquid that you [...]

How to Mix Vape Juice?

Combining e-Liquids Made Easy! Mixing your own e-juice might sound like a science, but it can be easier than you think! While creating e-juice flavors is best left to the professionals, mixing the vape juices you own can open so many doors of incredible flavor combinations, Additionally, mixing different nicotine strengths of e-juice can help [...]

eJuice Direct Steal of the Day 9/16/2020

Lost Art Steal of the Day - eJuice Direct

Find your new favorite vape juice with this deal on Lost Art e-Liquids! eJuice Direct’s Steal of the Day is a perfect way to try a new e-juice for a bargain price, or stock up discounted favorites. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this incredible deal, it will be gone tomorrow! Lost Art e-Liquids has […]

Vape eJuice Direct’s Packs of the Week for 9/12/2020

e Juice Packs of the Week - eJuice Direct

Vape Juice Packs of the Week: Vanilla & Fruit  At eJuice Direct, we always make customer satisfaction our number one priority. That’s why our dedicated team works hard every week to bring you our carefully curated vape juice Pack of the Week selections. Previous Packs of the Week have featured everything from best-sellers like Twist […]

Does the Nicotine Level in E-Liquids Affect the Flavor?

Does the nicotine level in E-liquids affect the flavor? eJuice Direct Blog
Premium & Pure Nicotine The flavor of your e-juice may be the most important thing, but the nicotine level can affect the flavor profile. Nicotine itself has a peppery flavor, but the small amount of nicotine in vape juice is not strong enough to taste. High-quality e-juice should not taste like nicotine, as FDA regulations [...]