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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Hyde Summer Luv Alternative - eJuiceDirect

Best Hyde Summer Luv Alternative

Best Hyde Summer Luv Alternative 

The Summer Luv Hyde Disposable Vape is one of the most enigmatic yet beloved disposable nic salt flavors ever formulated. This flavor has made appearances in several popular Hyde Disposable Vape models including the Hyde Edge Rave, Hyde-N-Bar Vape.

Elf Bar Collection

Summer Luv Hyde Flavor

Adult vapers prefer fruit and beverage infused flavors and Summer Luv delivers on both counts. Anyone at all familiar with disposable vapes realizes that cooling menthol notes added to fruit flavors absolutely dominate the market. While not overly mentholated, Summer Luv delivers here as well. 

Unfortunately, it appears the Summer Luv is drawing to a close. Luckily, there is a very viable alternative on the market that competes head-to-head in terms of being delivered by a longer lasting disposable vape and is also regarding its flavor profile. 

Summer Luv Hyde Flavor: Fruit medley, citrus, and menthol. 

Disposable Vapes Collection

  • Summer Luv Hyde-N-Bar Disposable Vape
  • Summer Luv Edge Rave
  • Summer Luv Hyde Retro Recharge


Best Summer Luv Alternatives 

More information is provided below but here is an overview of the best Summer Luv Hyve Disposable Vape alternatives. 


Summer Luv Disposable Vape Alternatives

If you are looking for a disposable vape that has the refreshing and balanced fruity flavors of Summer Luv, the following disposables may be right up your alley. 


Summer Luv Hyde Nic Salt Alternatives


Summertime Elf Bar BC5000


When seeking alternatives to your favorite disposable or bottled vape juice flavor, sometimes it is a quest. There are subtle differences between many quite comparable flavor formulations. In the case of the Summertime Elf Bar BC5000, there a mild notes of kiwi that distinguish it from Hyde’s Summer Luv. The core flavors are all present, with light and sweet fruity notes forming the base of the flavor and tart lemon flavors adding impressive balance.

Summer Time Elf Bar Flavor: Strawberry, kiwi, fruit, tart lemon and cool flavors. 


Hyde Summer Luv versus Elf Bar Summertime 

Flavor preferences are purely subjective but Elf Bar Summertime has much to recommend, even when compared to the popular Summer Luv flavor from Hyde. The crispness of the fruit flavors are note muted and the coil stands up to the prolonged vaping delivered by the 13ml nic salt capacity of the Elf Bar BC5000. The sweetness of tropical kiwi adds a unique twist that cuts through the sour lemon notes.

Summer Luv has a bit more of a citrus base with a mild hint of cooling menthol ice. The fruit medley flavor forms a strong foundation, almost akin to a beverage flavor as the distinct flavors flow together. Never too cloying, the chilled sensation manages to heighten the sunny flavors of Summer Luv Hyde.  


Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape Specs

The Elf Bar BC5000 is longer lasting disposable vape. It may be the perfect form, as it is less than 3.25 inches tall while still holding 13ml of nic salts with a nicotine strength of 50mg.

The 650mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery has plenty of charge for a full day of vaping, and the puff count is generously estimated at 5000 by the manufacturer. Whether it contain obtain such a figure or not in your hands, 13ml is still nearly half the capacity of a bottle of nicotine salts. More important for this discussion, it is larger than the longest lasting Hyde disposable vape. 

Elf Bar vs Hyde

Because it is USB-C chargeable, the Elf Bar BC5000 can be recharged quickly to fire at full power. A drawback of the first generation of disposable vapes was that their performance lagged as the battery gave up the ghost. No such issue occurs with the Elf Bar BC5000. When fully charged, its durable mesh coil design delivers perfect flavors until this longer lasting disposable has been drained to the last drop.

The Elf Bar BC5000 manages to efficiently use space by placing the rechargeable lithium ion battery next to the eJuice reservoir. This allows for a square shape which is perfectly shaped for fitting in the palm of your hand. The Hyde Disposables, with the exception of the innovative Hyde IQ and Hyde ID use the traditional vape pen design. This means an essentially cylindrical shape with the battery at the base, then the ejuice and then the mouthpiece in a single stack. 


Other Hyde Summer Luv Alternatives

Elf Bar's Summertime flavor is close to a one-to-one replacement for Summer Luv Hyde. Yet the flavor elements found in Summer Luv are not particularly uncommon in nic salts as these are some of the most popular fruit notes. 


Summer Berry Ice Kros Nano Disposable Vape

Nearly as on the nose as the Summer Time Elf Bar BC5000, the Summer Berry Ice Kros Nano Disposable evokes memories of summer and delivers precise berry and menthol flavor notes with a mesh coil. It is an ultra-compact design which efficiently utilizes all 6ml of salt nic juice capacity.  

Berry Bliss Hyve NTN 4K Disposable Vape

The compact and long lasting Hyve NTN 4K is competitive with the longest lasting disposable vapes on the market. The Berry Bliss Hyve NTN 4K Disposable is geared to fans of sweet and tart berry flavors, something Hyde Summer Luv vapers also appreciate. 

Strawberry Lemon Naked 100 Max G-Box Disposable Vape

Another long lasting disposable, the Naked 100 Max-G has a similar form factor to an Elf Bar BC5000 and holds 14ml of nic salts. The nicotine strength is the obligatory 50mg found in most disposables. Strawberry Lemon is a strong flavor, matching many of the elements of Summer Luv but without the mildly cool finish. The Strawberry Lemon Naked 100 Max-G Disposable Vape is a rechargeable design with the advanced coil design and USB-C charging, important features for a cutting edge device. 

Citrus Lemonade Vaporlax Draco Disposable Vape

The massive Vaporlax Draco has the cylindrical vape pen shape of many popular Hyde Disposable Vapes. Loaded within the Citrus Lemonade Vaporlax Draco is a salt nic flavor jam packed with sweet, tart and fruity flavors. The Vaporlax Draco holds an amazing 16ml nic salts and uses an efficient coil design to extract maximum flavor. 

Frozen Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice Monster Bars 3500

The Frozen Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice Monster Bars 3500 adds a dash off deep freeze to the amazing summer flavors that adult vapers love, with bold berry flavors sharpened with a dash of tart lemon. 

Frozen Mixed Berry Ice Monster Bars 3500

Frozen Mixed Berry Ice Monster Bars 3500 cleaves out the sour notes of lemon but has plenty of tartness thanks to authentic berry notes. It captures the refreshing essence which has made Hyde Summer Luv so popular. 


Berry Trio Ice Geek Bar

With a design very similar in size and capacity to the Elf Bar BC5000,  the Berry Trio Ice Geek Bar B5000 Disposable is a perfect conduit for precise fruit and menthol flavors. It holds 14ml of nicotine salts, uses a rechargeable 650mAh lithium ion battery and has a mesh coil to deliver great flavor from start to finish. 


Refillable Vape Pod Starter Kits

Vape pod kits

There is another way to enjoy flavors similar to the Hyde Summer Luv Disposable which do not involve a disposable at all. Refillable vape pod starter kits have never been easier to use or more efficient. Efficient and discrete mouth to lung vaping is exactly what vape pods like the Vaporesso XROS, UWell Caliburn and Smok Novo series were designed to deliver. 

MTL vaping

There are plenty of simple draw activated devices to choose from. When loaded with nic salts, they deliver the flavor and performance of a disposable but are better price performers. Plus, not chucking out your whole device every week or so reduces waste. 

Bottle versus Disposable Vape


Nic Salts

Nic Salts

The reasons why disposable vapes are so popular seem straightforward. They are super easy to use, have great flavors and are satisfying. They owe much of this to the advent of nic salts. Anyone who vaped one of the old-school cigalikes of a decade ago with their overly harsh freebase juices and tobacco flavors understands exactly why this is the case. 

Bottled salt nic juices have several advantages over disposable vapes. They end up cost less per ml is the most obvious difference. But they also have lower nicotine strengths available than the 50mg found in most disposables. They create less waste and there are far more flavors to choose from. Switch to a refillable and save. Even the discerning fans of Summer Luv Hyde will find some great flavor alternatives.


Summer Luv Hyde Nic Salt Alternatives

If you decide to make the switch to bottled nic salts or already use a refillable vape pod starter kit, there are some great flavors on the market. Here is a little sliver that may appeal to fans of Summer Luv Hyde.

Strawberry Lemon Cloud Nurdz Salt

Cloud Nurdz Salt Strawberry Lemon juxtaposes a refreshing strawberry base with bright lemon notes. There is a enough sweetness to swamp any tartness and the result is another masterpiece by Cloud Nurdz. 

Iced Strawberry Lemon Cloud Nurdz Salt

Cloud Nurdz Salt Iced Strawberry Lemon adds a blast of cooling menthol ice to a bold and balanced base of fruit inspired flavor notes. If you are looking for a Summer Luv Hyde alternative in a bottle, this critically acclaimed flavor is a great place to start. 

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Fruit Monster Salt

Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon combines three of the best flavors in vaping into a cohesive and refreshing flavor. Raspberry and blueberry just plain work and the addition of lemon makes for a truly invigorating flavor experience. 

Drops Menthol Aqua Synthetic Salt

Aqua Synthetic Salts Drops Menthol has every single flavor element that Hyde Summer Luv vapers are looking for. And then some. Drops is a classic salt nic formula. It features apple, grape, lemon, menthol, orange and strawberry notes. 

Crimson No. 1 Twist Salt E-Liquid

Twist E-Liquid Salt Crimson No. 1 started life as Strawberry Crush Lemonade. The name was changed but the great flavors remain. These include a superbly formulated lemonade flavor. The fizzy strawberry makes it a true summer vape and a viable alternative for Summer Luv Hyde vapers.

Ever Berry Blossom Salts

Blossom Salts Ever Berry has flavor elements that will be familiar to Summer Luv vapers. This medley includes strawberry, orange, and sweet lemon flavors. 

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