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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Blu Razz Disposable Vapes - eJuiceDirect

Best Blu Razz Disposable Vapes

Best Disposable Vape Flavors

The appeal of disposable vapes is straightforward. They are compact, deliver great flavor, and utilize nicotine salts to provide satisfying performance. Disposables are ready to use right out of the box. It turns out that this is what most adult vapers were looking for all along.

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The vaping market has shown to have another strong preference and it is nearly as strong as the desire for convenience and satisfaction. Most adult vapers prefer bold fruit, beverage, and dessert flavored ejuices. 

Studies have shown that the longer someone vapes, the more likely they are to embrace characterizing flavors. And far from being marketed to children, these sweet vape juice flavors frequently rely on retro names and packaging that evoke nostalgia from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

One of the most popular nostalgic flavors is blue razz. When found in disposable vapes it is often paired with menthol in the form of blue razz ice. It has several other names as well, with blue raspberry, blu razz, blue slushy and blue slushie being just a few of these.


Blue Raspberry Flavor 

Not all blue raspberry flavors are created equal and there is quite a bit of variety between competing brands. Whilst all are designed to appeal to a vaper looking for blue razz, or blue razz ice, formulators have chosen to accentuate different components of the basic flavor. These components are the raspberry inspired elements, sweet blu razz confection flavors, and notes which taste like the icy blue treats of summers past. 

Blue raspberry is first and foremost a sweet nic salt flavor. The amount of authentic raspberry flavor can vary quite a bit, with some brands including more tart and floral notes while others opt for an almost sugary mouth feel. The actual raspberry notes are usually mild, as these are vape juices which were inspired by icy treats rather than fresh fruit.

But keep in mind the concept of blue raspberry and the use of this unusual color owes much to the early days of artificial fruit flavors. There were already cherry, strawberry and apple competing for the color code of red. As a result, apple was coded green and raspberry blue by mid-20th century confectioners. Interestingly, blueberry itself got stuck with purple in the original fruit color coding convention. 


Blue Razz Ice and Blue Slushie

The addition of menthol ice is for many vapers a game changer. It cuts through the sweetness and makes blue raspberry more of an “all-day vape” flavor. Blue raspberry nic salts generally strike a good balance between sweet and tart confection flavor with realistic raspberry notes in the background. But cooling menthol and sweet flavors is a combination that simply works in vaping. Particularly with nic salts and mouth-to-lung vaping. 

MTL Vaping

there are notable differences between the competing disposable vape flavors. Other flavors are occasionally added to blue razz, lemonade and citrus notes being the most common.


Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are simply the easiest way to vape and enjoy great flavors. They are very cost effective compared to prefilled vape pods such as Juul, Vuse Alto, MyBlu and Logic. Disposable vapes are also still available in the flavors that most adult vapers prefer. Prefilled vape pods are limited to tobacco flavors. To increase their lifespan without making them too unwieldy and large, many disposable vapes are now rechargeable.

A more squared off form factor has also begun to dominate the market. This style of disposable vape, the Elf Bar BC5000 is a great example, places the battery and ejuice parallel to each other in a box shape. This results in a much more compact design than the traditional vape pen which stacks the mouthpiece, ejuice, and battery in a single cylindrical stack. But the advantage of many vape pen designs is that while they may provide fewer puffs in total, they do not require recharging. No small deal for a vaper who does not have access to an energy sources and wants a disposable vape that lasts for several days with no hassles.


Nic Salts 

Disposable vapes work as well as they today because of the use of nicotine salts. Nic salts have a lower pH than freebase nicotine, which means more can be added to a given eJuice without making the vapor intolerably harsh. More potent vapor means less is required to deliver a satisfying experience. This flows downhill into vape designs. Smaller batteries and higher resistance coils can deliver plenty of vapor for a potent nic salt. This set-up also facilitates MTL vaping.

Nic Salts

Anyone questions the synergy between disposables, nicotine salts and MTL vaping should reflect on the early disposable vapes that only had access to freebase nicotine and used tobacco flavors. These were not particularly effective devices and have been handily outsold by nic salt disposables. In fact, these cigalikes are essentially gone from the market except for a few legacy models from Big Tobacco companies. 


Best Blue Razz Disposables 

Best Blu Razz Disposables

There are two factors to consider when judging the best Blue Razz Ice disposable. Three if you factor in availability. The first factor is the actual Blue Razz flavor profile. There will be overlap between some brands but there are significant differences in how vape formulators interpret a perfect blue raspberry flavor. There are scads of excellent blue razz vape flavors and poorly formulated ones are few and far between.

The second factor is the actual disposable vape device. It hardly matters if the best tasting blue razz flavor is in a small or unreliable disposable vape that cannot be counted on to deliver flavor when it is needed most. Disposable vape designs should be compact, draw activated, deliver mouth-to-lung vaping satisfaction, last a reasonably long period of time and kick out great flavor. Now let us take a look at the best blue razz and blue razz disposable vapes.



Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar BC5000

Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar


The long lasting Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar BC5000 is one of the most popular disposables. It owes its popularity to both its vapor production and flavor. It has a nicely balanced draw but the crispness of the nic salt flavors is what has moved Elf Bar to the front of the pack.

Holding 13ml of nicotine salts, with the traditional disposable vape nicotine strength of 50mg, it offers plenty of satisfaction. The 650mAh battery arrives precharged and is sufficiently large to get through a day of heavy vaping. It can be quickly refired thanks to USB-C charging. Their Blue Razz Ice flavor leans more heavily towards and fruit and confection than icy menthol.


Sour Blue Razz Ice Hyve x Propaganda 5K

 Hyve x Propaganda Sour Blue Razz

The fascinating and fantastic flavors of Propaganda Salts are now available in a longer lasting disposable vape. With the squared off form factor that has revolutionized disposable vape portability, this rechargeable vape holds 12ml of nic salts. The Hype Collection flavor is just about perfect. Sour denotes the confectionary sheen that stretched atop of a fruity blue razz base.

Do not be intimidated by the use of the word “sour” in the name off the Sour Blue Razz Ice Hyve x Propaganda 5K Disposable. This term is being used in the sense of sour confections, not bold sour as found in some unripened fruits and foods. This sour flavor is precisely the style of refreshing and sweet nic salt that MTL vapers have gravitated towards since the dawn of vape flavors.


Razz Hyve X Chubby Disposable Vape

 Hyve x Chubby Razz

If you are looking for a smaller disposable that does not need to be recharged, the Hyve x Chubby is a great option. It is a traditional vape pen and holds 6ml of nic salts. It has a 1000mAh battery to extract every last drop. Crucial to this discussion are the contents of the disposable: Chubby Razz Nic Salts. The Razz Hyve X Chubby Disposable Vape is a classic blue raspberry flavor, sans menthol, which delivers wholesome and nostalgic blue razz notes. The sweetness is not overwhelming, which allows for all-day vaping.


Blue Razz Ice Air Box x Naked 100

Air Box x Naked 100 Blue Razz

The availability of Naked 100 nic salts being available in advanced disposable vape designs is a windfall for adult vapers, the majority of whom prefer flavors like Blue raspberry and Blu Razz Ice. The Blue Razz Ice Air Box x Naked 100 is a compact design, generating 3000 puffs according to the manufacturer. This is not a rechargeable design and it relies on a powerful 1500mAh battery to extract every droplet of nic salts from the boxy and compact design. The flavor itself is beyond reproach, a classic blue raspberry ice flavor with sweet and tart slushy notes coupled with cool menthol.


Blueberry Ice Airbox 5K Disposable Vape

 Blueberry Ice Airbox 5K

If you are looking for more amazing Air Box performance but a fruitier spin, the Blueberry Ice Air Box 5K is a longer lasting design. In this case, it is blueberry ice rather than blue razz within. There is enough overlap in the fruitier notes, plus the luscious blueberry notes which compare well with blue razz’s confection base, which merits the inclusion of this outlier on the best blue razz disposable vape list. It has a capacity of 14ml and 650mAh battery. The estimated puff count is 5000. Hence its name. 


Blue Raspberry Baton Go Disposable

 Blue Raspberry Baton Go

Baton made their name with a clever refillable vape pod kit and the availability of 10ml nic salt bottles loaded with popular flavors. At the time, it was a perfect alternative to expensive 0.7ml Juul pods. Baton is still in the game all these years later. The compact Blue Raspberry Baton Go Disposable Vape holds 7ml of nic salt juice, ten-fold more capacity than the Juul pod they benchmarked all those years ago.

The Baton Go arrives fully charged, is draw-activated and ready to perform. Baton’s Blue Raspberry formula seems improved from the early Baton Nic Salt days, with greater flavor vibrancy and more authentic fruit notes underpinning the sweetness. The Baton Go is not rechargeable and really is perfect for vapers on the go. It has a 1200mAh battery.


Blue Razz Lemonade Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 5500

 Blue Razz Lemonade Pod Juice Mesh 5500

The purpose of Pod Juice and their guiding values are made clear in the brand name. They formulate vape juice for vape pod starter kits, specifically potent nic salts for mouth-to-lung vaping. This is also the exact style of vape juice that is used in disposable vapes and it is no surprise that they also have a finger in the disposable vape pie.

The Blue Razz Lemonade Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 5500 is a longer lasting and rechargeable disposable vape. They stuck with the vape pen design with stacked elements, including a 12ml nic salt capacity and 600mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Pod Juice prides themselves on the quality of their actual nicotine salts, which they argue are smoother than the competitions. This allows for greater flavor in their estimation. The nicotine strength in this case in 55mg, a slight uptick from the usual 50mg. It is hard to dispute the results when it comes to flavor. The sweet lemonade is a great addition, with the sourness of the lemon blending nicely with the mild sour elements of blue razz confection flavor.


Chilled Blue Razz Pod Juice Synthetic Mesh 5500

 Pod Juice Mesh 5500 Blue Razz Ice

A more pared down blue raspberry option, the Chilled Blue Razz Pod Synthetic Mesh 5500 features the classic combination of bold and sweet blue razz flavor notes balanced with a cool menthol ice finish. If you are looking for a long lasting disposable with the most popular style of blue razz flavored nic salt,  the Pod Juice Mesh 5500 is a perfect choice.


Blue Raz Ice ZoVoo Dragbar B5000

Zovoo Drag Bar Blue Raz Ice

VooPoo is one of the most respected vape hardware manufacturers on the market today and their entry in the disposable vape arena is just as remarkable. The Blue Raz Ice ZoVoo Drag Bar B5000 generates an estimated 5000 puffs and holds 12ml of nicotine salt vape juice. The 500mAh battery is more than enough for a day of busy vaping and the USB-C chargeable lithium ion battery delivers plenty of spark when it comes to MTL vapor production.

A mere 79.6 x 44 x 22.6mm in size, the ZoVoo Dragbar is portable, convenient and utilizes advanced VooPoo coil technology to deliver spectacular flavor. Their take on the popular Blue Razz Ice bursts with sweetness but has plenty of menthol kick to counteract the rich confection flavors.


Blueberry Raspberry Ice Esco Bar 5000

 Esco Bar 5000 Blueberry Raspberry Ice

The long lasting Blueberry Raspberry Ice Esco Bar 5000 has vape pen structure but a nic salt capacity that can match the biggest disposables on the market today. It holds 14ml of 50mg nicotine strength nic salts. The blue raspberry flavor draws on both the confection and iced treat inspirations of this classic flavor. A solid coat of cool menthol counteracts the sweetness and makes for a very balanced flavor.


Blue Razz Apple Ice Hyve 5K Disposable Vape


The 12ml Hyve 5K disposable has a squared off shape and almost chimney shaped mouthpiece. Contained within this version is a super tasty blend of blue raspberry, apple and menthol ice flavors. The rechargeable 650mAh lithium ion battery is USB-C rechargeable. The most interesting attribute of the Hyve Blue Razz Apple Ice is the addition of sweet and juicy apple flavors with an added twist of Granny Smith sourness. The sweetness of the blue raspberry and cool menthol notes elevate this great flavor ahead of the competition.


Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary OS5000

 Lost Mary OS5000 Blue Razz Ice

With the newly popularized long lasting disposable design, the Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary OS5000 is a compact disposable that packs a big punch. It holds 13ml of nic salts and has 650mAh battery. It may even look a bit familiar, with a design indistinguishable from an Elf Bar. The difference is the flavor contained within. The mesh coil extracts sweet and precise flavors, in this case a pure blue razz confection with a few bursts of fruit flavor and large blast of arctic cold menthol ice.


Blue Razz Ice Naked 100 Max-G Box Disposable Vape

 Naked 100 Max-G Blue Blue Razz Ice

Naked 100 Salts are widely respected and taste great when vaped from the Max-G Box Disposable Vape. The Blue Razz Ice Naked 100 Max G-Box Disposable has all great flavor and long lasting performance adult vapers seek. It is a can’t miss design which holds 14ml of nic salts and a 50mg nicotine strength.


Blue Raspberry Yaya Square 3000 Disposable

 Yaya Square 3000 Blue Raspberry

The Blue Raspberry Yaya Square 3000 Disposable uses a mesh coil to provide MTL performance and great flavor. The Blue Raspberry flavor inside is sweet and unlike many of its competitors free of menthol ice. It provides a pure fruit and confection flavor experience. And a lengthy one, thanks to the estimated puff count of 3000 and the 8.5ml nic salt capacity.

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