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Behind the Scenes at Hi-Drip Labs: An Interview With a Mixologist - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Behind the Scenes at Hi-Drip Labs: An Interview With a Mixologist - eJuice Direct

From Concept to Reality: How e-Liquids are Made

In our previous blog, we met Tony, the mastermind mixologist behind Hi-Drip e-Liquids, and he told us all about the science of mixing e-juices and developing flavors. Today, we are on the Direct Blog again to further get into the behind-the-scenes of Hi-Drip flavors and which are Tony’s favorites.

Hi-Drip offers dozens of e-juices in incredible flavors, and we asked Tony which flavor he thought was the most slept-on that he wanted people to know about. He told us, “Probably Peachy Mango. I really really enjoy the mango peach...It’s very complex and has some subtle fruit notes in it that you normally need to try to appreciate.” This delicious vape juice is just as complex as he described, with sweet notes that take the classic peach and mango blend to an entirely new level.

Tony brought up another interesting point about the vaping experience and how he focuses on flavor rather than the practicality of vaping a coil killer. He says, “The problem nowadays is our industry moved from having a passion for rebuilding their coils and replacing their cotton to if a flavor gunks up my coil too quickly, I'm not going to vape it, which is really interesting to me.” Many vape users run into this problem as well, and Tony is not alone in this ideology that the practicality of vaping should not be more important than the enjoyment of a flavor.

“That used to just be a byproduct of vaping, and now it's like a negative for juice flavor, which is strange,” Tony says. This dedication to a delicious vaping experience is what makes Tony such a successful mixologist; the flavors of e-Liquids ought to be the focus when vaping, not the lifespan of your coils, and this mentality opens a door for a deeper enjoyment of your go-to flavor. Instead of ditching a coil-killing vape juice, we recommend puffing away at it anyway and treating yourself to the luxurious experience of a delectable flavor.

When asked about Hi-Drip’s biggest flop flavor that did not sell as well as he thought it would, Tony told us, “I think a flop in terms of sales performance isn’t something that I could answer. In terms of the passion that was put into the flavor, they're all the same.” Hi-Drip’s collective dedication to producing and selling delicious e-juices is what makes this brand stand out among the rest. They carefully curate each flavor profile with love and expertise, their passion fueling them through the grueling process of testing and retesting the flavor, and the end product is more than worth it. The fact the Hi-Drip does not have a flop flavor is a testament to the effort put into each e-Liquid and the quality that results.

When it comes to recreating e-juice flavors inspired by exotic foods, Tony has struggled to build an exact match for some of the dream flavors he would love to create. He told us, “There're some tremendous desserts trying from all over the world. I've had passion fruit desserts. I think when we were in London... We had a passion fruit dessert that was amazing. The problem is that it can't be done.” Because a mixologist typically has access to a flavor, for example, something simple like a fruit blend, recreating a flavor from something you cannot consistently taste and match the flavor becomes a real challenge.

Hi Drip Guava Lava 100ml e Juice DirectThis gives vape users and Tony himself a deep appreciation for chefs. “I can't even fathom trying to compare myself to one of those chefs,” Tony tells us, “because what they do is incredible, but just trying to get something even close to something that we've tried is always a struggle and something that we enjoy very much.” This self-proclaimed foodie has aspirations of creating amazing e-juice flavors based on real desserts, but the limits of e-LIquid creation make this difficult. However, this has not stopped Tony from trying!

We delved further into Hi-Drip’s hit flavors, and their top-seller, Guava Lava e-Liquid, was an unsurprising hit for them. Tony told us, “We had a pretty strong feeling that it was going to do really well, and we're seeing the sales numbers to support that. It's very good.” If Tony is any example for mixologists everywhere, seeing a vape juice that you created to sell and be adored by thousands of vapers is an incredibly rewarding experience, and his dedication to e-Liquid creation has more than paid off.

This interview series with Tony from Hi-Drip was incredibly eye-opening for all of us here at eJuice Direct, and we hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain of e-Liquid mixology. Stay tuned to the Direct Blog for more information on vaping, interviews with e-juice experts, and more! If you have any questions or you have a suggestion of something you would like to see on the Direct Blog, reach out to us by tagging us @ejuicedirect in your next post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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