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Best Vape Forums 2020 - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Best Vape Forums 2020 - eJuice Direct

26 Million Vapers

The vape community is even bigger than you might think, with an estimated 26 million vape users in the US alone. This number rises as more and more people switch from traditional smoking to vaping, and the online communities are thriving with new and experienced vape users taking to social media and various forums to spread information, ask and answer questions, and share their thoughts on vaping. At eJuice Direct, we strive to support this fellowship of adult vapers by sharing accurate facts about vaping and informing everyone about how wonderful this community is. Due to COVID 19 pandemic health concerns, vape conventions are rescheduled or temporarily moved online this year, so today, we will break down the best vape forums to visit in 2020 so you can join the vape community and add your voice to the mix!
On Reddit, there are dozens of vape subreddits for sharing everything from questions to hand checks to ideas, and the community is strict about being kind to others and only allowing adults to join. Reddit is a community-based forum, and subreddits are small niches where like-minded individuals can gather to post, share, and converse in real-time, like a digital message board. Check out these subs and follow as many as your heart desires!
  • r/Vaping101 - For beginners to ask questions about products, lifestyle, and flavor recommendations.
  • r/Electronic_Cigarette - For anything and everything vape related.
  • r/Vaping - The best place to join discussions and make friends who also vape.
  • r/VapePorn - Where everyone can show off their gorgeous mods and kits.
Tumblr may not be the first place you would look for a vaping community, but it is thriving! The best way to navigate Tumblr and find your niche is through hashtags, which you can follow and have top posts appear on your dash. Check out these tags and find your people on Tumblr:
  • #Vaping - For anything and everything vape related.
  • #VapeNation - The edgier side of Tumblr for posting pictures, handchecks, and talking about the lifestyle.
  • #VapeTricks - A purely fun tag for posting pictures and videos of vapor tricks and memes.
  • #Handcheck - The best place to show off all your gear in the palm of your hand
Unsurprisingly, Facebook is a surprisingly great place to connect with other vape users, but with over 2.7 billion active users as of August 2020, you have to know where to look to be able to find them. Due to Facebook’s policies and compliance with federal rules regarding age verification, most vape users are members of restricted-access groups that verify age upon request for entry. If you are of legal age, these groups are perfect for finding fellow vapers and sharing pictures, ideas, and recommendations:
Instagram is a gigantic hub for vape enthusiasts to share everything from pictures and videos to recommendations for their favorite brands and products. (Hint hint, follow eJuice Direct on Instagram here and tag us in your next post about your favorite e-juice!) Instagram is strict about age verifications and compliance policies to ensure their platform only allows age-appropriate users to share and access vape-related content, which makes it an excellent place to connect with friends and stay updated about the industry. Follow these tags for everything you could want to see from an online vape community: Instagram is also buzzing with popular brands posting about sales and new releases! If you like seeing your favorite products on your feed, or you want to stay up to date on new products or deals, follow your favorite brands on Instagram. You can also tag e-juice brands in your posts for a chance to be featured on their feed! Here are some vape juice brands whose accounts are full of sales, new releases, and fan features:
Just like the eJuice Direct Direct Blog you are reading now, there are thousands of vaping blogs out there sharing information, recommendations, and even sales for you to peruse and shop from. The Direct Blog is a great place to find product and brand recommendations, facts about vaping, reviews, and links to even more content! Follow eJuice Direct on your favorite social media platforms to stay up to date on all of our content.
Whether you’re new to vaping or you want to dive into the online vaping community, these tags, subreddits, and blogs are a great place to start. eJuice Direct is proud to be a leading member of the vape community, and we do our best to provide accurate, current information to keep you updated on everything in the industry. Join the vape nation online today, and start making friends the socially distanced way! Tag us in your next social media post about your favorite e-juice or in your next your handcheck, and we look forward to your comments about this blog. Stay safe out there and happy vaping!
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