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Can Vaping an Empty Cartridge Create Smoke? - eJuiceDirect

Can Vaping an Empty Cartridge Create Smoke?

Can Vaping an Empty Cartridge Create Smoke (Vape Clouds)

In short, yes, but not the kind of smoke you want. To get the most out of your vaping experience, keeping your tank full and keeping your coils fresh are the most important steps. An old coil or an empty tank can cause problems not only for you but for your device as well, as misfiring or burning coils can cause even more issues with your vape hardware.
If you try to puff an empty cartridge or tank, your device can probably produce some smoke, but not the smoke you want to inhale. This common mishap is called a dry hit. When a tank is empty for too long or your coils are not properly primed, the cotton inside the coil will be dry, which leads to a dry, unpleasant hit. Most vapers have unfortunately experienced a dry hit at some point, and they can attest to the nastiness of that puff. This is caused by your device trying to vaporize dried, unsaturated cotton in your coil, and the result is a burnt, bitter taste instead of your delicious e-juice.
A burnt taste is more than enough of a sign that something is not right with your device, but it is not the end of the world! Simply check your coils, and if they are dark or smell strange, replace them with fresh ones. (Hint hint, you can shop replacement coils here!) If your coils are looking good, add some vape juice to your tank and let sit for at least ten minutes so the cotton can soak up the liquid. Once your coils are primed with e-juice, lower your wattage and take a short puff to test it out, and while taking tiny, intermittent puffs, gradually increase the wattage to your preferred setting to allow the coils to saturate fully. If these steps do not work, there may be something else wrong with your device, from a manufacturer error to a bad coil connection, in which case you should reach out to the seller or the manufacturer of your device. eJuice Direct’s Customer Support Team is available to help with any problems occurring with any device we have sold. At eJuice Direct, we are dedicated to spreading accurate information about vaping and vape hardware so our community of vapers can vape happily and deliciously. Stay safe out there, and happy vaping!
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