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Coil Killer Vape Juice & How to Vape Them - eJuiceDirect

Coil Killer Vape Juice & How to Vape Them

Coil Killers and How to Vape Them

Vapers everywhere understand the importance of keeping your coils fresh and working properly to get the most out of your vape juice, but sometimes your e-juice can be harsher on your coils than you might think. In September’s Tip of the Month, we will dive into the appropriately named ‘coil killer’ e-Liquids and how they may cause your coil to burn out faster than usual and accumulate the dreaded coil gunk. There are a few factors that create a coil killer, and at eJuice Direct, we want our community of vapers to understand those factors so everyone can vape comfortably and safely.
Sweeteners and flavorings can make your e-juice thick and sticky, and it can cling to the cotton in your coils and crystalize. A darker e-juice is likely to be sweeter, so be sure to monitor your coils when vaping sweet e-juices to ensure the cotton is clean and clear of gunk. Typically, candy e-juices and baked goods vapes tend to be the hardest on your coils, but that delicious flavor is worth it, especially when you shop at eJuice Direct, where we offer the best prices on replacement coils.
E-Liquids with a higher percentage of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are great for cloud chasers, but because they are thicker, your coils have to work harder to vaporize them. The VG inevitably left behind by these types of vape juices are what eventually burns and kills your coils, so make sure to check the VG/PG ratio on your favorite e-juices and keep an eye on your coils when vaping them to ensure you get the best flavor and performance. That being said, some more advanced vape devices can handle thicker e-juices no problem, so more experienced vapers may not even notice the effects of a coil killer in their tank. For more information on what goes into vape juice, check out our What Chemicals are in Vape Juice.Lastly, and possibly our favorite, is the flavoring. All trusted e-Liquid brands use food-grade flavoring in their vape juice, the same kind you will find in anything from candy to gum to snack foods. Both natural and artificial flavors are common in e-juice, and the only major difference between the two may be price, as natural flavors tend to be a bit more expensive for e-Liquid brands to use. If you want to stay away from artificial flavors for any reason, every e-juice bottle will denote what kind of flavorings they use in the ingredients list so you can make your purchase without worry.
Keeping this in mind, maintaining fresh coils in your vape device of choice is one of the most important parts of vaping, as coils can make or break your vape experience. At eJuice Direct, we are dedicated to helping our community of vapers by providing accurate and helpful information to keep everyone vaping happily and comfortably. If you have further questions about coils or coil killer vape juices, reach out to our Customer Support Team, and our educated staff will be more than happy to give you the information you need. Happy vaping!
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