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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Does the Nicotine Level in e-Liquids Affect the Flavor? - eJuiceDirect

Does the Nicotine Level in e-Liquids Affect the Flavor?

The flavor of your e-juice may be the most important thing, but the nicotine level can affect the flavor profile. Nicotine itself has a peppery flavor, but the small amount of nicotine in vape juice is not strong enough to taste. High-quality e-juice should not taste like nicotine, as FDA regulations ensure that the nicotine inside is pure and in a proper vapeable form. eJuice Direct only offers e-Liquids from trusted brands who use premium ingredients, so you should never have an issue with low-quality ingredients in any e-juice purchased here. That being said, vape juice with a higher nicotine strength can have a harsher taste and harder throat hit. A lower nicotine level will often allow for a cleaner flavor that is more accurate to the description of the flavor itself. This is simply due to the chemical makeup of e-juices, and this is not a testament to the quality or purity of your e-juice in any way. Adding nicotine to the Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), and flavoring mixture in e-Liquids is inevitably going to dilute the liquid, however it is such a small amount that the difference can be difficult to notice.
If you do notice a difference in taste between a nicotine-containing vape juice and a nicotine-free vape juice, your taste buds are working hard! This flavor contrast may be an annoyance to some vapers, but luckily there are a few simple steps that can help you reach your ideal flavor intensity. Some vape juices may increase in flavor as they steep, so leaving your e-juice in its sealed bottle in a cool, dark place for a few hours will allow the ingredients to mix more thoroughly, potentially leading to stronger flavor. If this still is not doing it for you, mixing your e-Liquids may be the next step. Nic salt e-juice contains nicotine in its salt form, but it is not like the table salt we are all familiar with; nicotine salts are the form in which nicotine exists in the plant, and it is the most bioavailable form so your body can absorb it quickly and easily. The main differences between the two are the throat hit and temperature at which they vaporize. For more information about freebase and salt nicotine, check out our ‘Nic Salt vs. Regular eJuice: What’s the Difference?’ blog, where we get into the details of the different vape juice options.
You can combine 0mg e-juices with other nicotine strengths in your tank by simply dripping both into your tank and slowly rotating the tank to mix them together; while this will dilute the nicotine strength overall, the 0mg e-juice may deliver more flavor, therefore balancing out the flavor variance. However, mixing e-juices can be messy and lead to muddy flavors, so please exercise caution when doing so. The flavor payoff may be worth the mess, but nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, so be sure to clean any messes quickly and wash thoroughly if any e-juice should spill and get onto your skin or clothes.
Vaping nicotine is a science, and that science is best left to the professionals. At eJuice Direct, we urge all vape users to only purchase e-Liquids from trusted industry brands, as they are subject to regulations that ensure quality ingredients, so you can vape safely. Shop eJuice Direct’s collection of over one thousand vape juices, and be sure to select the nicotine level that suits your needs. If you have any questions about nicotine or nicotine levels in your e-juice, reach out to our Customer Support Team, and our educated staff will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. Stay safe out there, and happy vaping!
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