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eJuice Direct Fall Flavor Favorites: Pumpkin Vape Juice Edition - eJuiceDirect

eJuice Direct Fall Flavor Favorites: Pumpkin Vape Juice Edition

In our previous autumn blog, we highlighted some delicious apple flavor e-Liquids including marshmallow, pumpkin, and apple. As fall weather begins to roll in, we are diving into Fall Favorites with the ultimate autumn flavor: Pumpkin Spice! This seasonal staple is so versatile, we had to expand our collection to include pumpkin spice as well as cinnamon sugar, so you can try a multitude of seasonal e-juices with the option for a touch of spice. If you are heading to the pumpkin patch or sparking up a bonfire, these vape juices are sure to keep you feeling cozy and warm with authentic pumpkin flavor. This selection of eJuice Direct’s pumpkin spice e-Liquids is the perfect place to start filling your vape juice collection with seasonal flavors that satisfy. Check out these autumnal e-juice options and shop e-juice or nic salts today on eJuice Direct!
If you love pumpkin flavors with a touch of aromatic spice, these vape juices are the ones for you. Pair these e-Liquids with a pumpkin spice latte, a slice of apple pie, or a hot cup of cider, and taste the flavor explosion when the spices collide! T’is the season! Barista Brew Co. Pumpkin Spice Latte e-Liquid From the vape juice brand that brought you classic coffee flavors, Barista Brew Co. Pumpkin Spice Latte is the epitome of autumn flavors! On the inhale, sweet pumpkin and spicy cinnamon grace over your taste buds, and on the exhale, fresh coffee and creamy milk enter the mix for a perfectly balanced puff of seasonal delight. Spice up any fall day with this scrumptious and smooth vape juice. All Barista Brew Co. vape juices also come with a branded travel coffee cup so you can pair this e-Liquid with the real thing! Vaper Sharon M. left a review saying this e-juice is “my favorite vape juice so far. I like the coffee flavors because they aren’t too sweet,” and after just one puff, you will definitely agree! This vape juice is so popular in fact that it is currently out of stock! If you want to try this delicious Barista Brew Co. flavor, be sure to check back on eJuice Direct throughout the season for a restock. Sadboy Teardrops Pumpkin Cookie For the low-wattage vapers out there, the Sadboy Teardrops line features Pumpkin Cookie e-Liquid to fill your tank with fall flavor! Every puff is packed with sweet pumpkin flavor and a touch of toasty cinnamon in this delightfully mellow all-day vape. Whether you are out at a pumpkin patch or bobbing for apples, this e-juice will fill your day with tasty pumpkin spice to keep you and your vape device cozy and warm. The notes of sweet sugar cookies in this vape juice keep it simple and sweet, and you might find that it makes you crave a big plate of real pumpkin spice cookies!
If pumpkin is a little too much for you, or if you want to keep it simple, classic cinnamon vape juice flavors are a perfect little touch of autumn flavors for the season. Pair these e-Liquids with apple cider or a cup of coffee and the flavor blend will make you wish it could be autumn all the time. Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares e-Liquid Spice up your breakfast vape with Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares e-Liquid, a twisted take on classic cinnamon toasted cereal with a splash of milk and a dash of spice. This delectable vape juice is the perfect way to cozy up on a cold autumn day with a mug of hot coffee and your favorite sub-ohm vape device. If you love a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast, pair Krunchy Squares e-juice with that old-school snack! Just ask verified reviewer Matt, who describes this e-juice flavor profile as, “a perfect blend of mild cinnamon sugar flavor,” or vaper Michael S. who says this one is “definitely one of my favorite juices.” This e-Liquid’s 4.5-star rating is clearly well-earned! Transistor’s Redemption Cinna Milk e-Liquid Try a vape juice that tastes like sugar, spice, and everything nice! Transistor’s Redemption Cinna Milk e-Liquid is an all-day vape that is sure to hit the sweet spot. On the inhale, you’ll taste a fresh-baked cinnamon roll with a splash of milk, and on the exhale, warm sugar glaze sweetens up the spiced flavors. Puff this e-juice alongside a plate of the real thing and be amazed by the authentic taste in each 60mL bottle. If you are into sweet treats, this vape juice is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the mess of making cinnamon rolls yourself! Big Bottle Co. Cinnamon Cream e-Liquid No autumn vape juice collection would be complete without Big Bottle Co. Cinnamon Cream e-Liquid, the traditional cinnamon roll flavor that is as delicious in the fall as it is all year round. If you like classic spiced treats, this e-juice will blow you away with every sweet and creamy puff. The authentic Big Bottle Co. flavor is balanced with toasty spices and rich cream for an all-day vape that is mellow yet sweet. This e-Liquid’s four-star review is a clear representation of the hundreds of satisfied vapers, like verified reviewer Ken. who tells us, “I love this juice, it has the perfect amount of cinnamon and it’s not harsh,” and we think you will agree after just one taste!
Autumn is finally here, and eJuice Direct is ready for the season with these incredible e-Liquid flavors! Try out a new flavor or grab an old favorite and fall into fall with seasonal vape juices that hit the spot. There are so many flavor profiles to choose from, but this list of pumpkin spice e-juices will narrow your search for the perfect autumn vape flavor, so you can shop quickly and easily at eJuice Direct today. We hope you have enjoyed this Fall Flavor Series! Check out our Direct Blog for more vape suggestions, recommendations, FAQs and more.
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