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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Is it Bad to Vape Expired e-Juice? - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Is it Bad to Vape Expired e-Juice? - eJuice Direct

The short answer is, yes, but there is more to this than just a yes or no answer. Expired e-juice presents multiple issues including safety hazards and vape device problems, so it is always recommended to keep a close eye on the expiration dates of your e-Liquids and throw them away when they expire. At eJuice Direct, we are dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information regarding vape juice and vape products, and our aim is to help the vaping community stay safe. Let’s dive into this common question and talk about what makes e-juice go bad. Just like with food and food-grade products, vape juice does not immediately become dangerous on the day of expiration. However, that date is when the ingredients inside of the e-juice start to age out of their prime. The expiration date is the recommended time to toss an e-Liquid, so we recommend throwing out old e-juice away on or before that date and opening a fresh bottle. Your bottle of e-juice from a year ago might even have a new and improved formula, but you won’t know unless you toss that old one and grab a new bottle from eJuice Direct!

So, what happens when e-juice expires?

  • Separation: The VG/PG in vape juice can start to separate and crystallize, and no amount of shaking can fix this.
  • Thickness: Vape juice that is too thick or too thin can be unpleasant to vape, and it can damage your coils or leak out of your tank.
  • Flavor & Smell: Flavoring can also age when e-Liquid expires, so old vape juice may not taste the way it should.
  • Nicotine: The nicotine in your vape juice can degrade over time, leaving you with a lower concentration than what you paid for.
  • Color: Over time, e-juice can age and change color, but color is not a direct indication of a bad e-juice; for more information on dark or discolored e-juice, check out our Did I Just Receive Expired e-Juice? blog.


What happens when e-juice expires?

  • The taste and smell will start to fade.
  • The color may darken and the plastic bottle may look dark as well.
  • The nicotine will start to degrade and become less potent.

What can happen if I vape expired e-juice?

  • Your e-juice might not taste as it should, or it might taste like nothing at all.
  • The VG and PG can age and get too thick or thin to vaporize properly.
  • Like with any expired consumable product, vaping expired e-juice could carry a risk of adverse effects.

What should you do when your e-juice is expired?

  • Throw the entire bottle into the trash, but please do not pour e-juice down the drain. Instead, you can pour it into something absorbent like kitty litter or sand, put it in a plastic bag, and throw it away. This helps keep groundwater cleaner and your trash collectors safe!
  • Open a new bottle and vape that fresh e-juice.
Chances are, if you searched for this blog, we do not recommend vaping the expired e-juice you’re wondering about. With eJuice Direct’s affordable pricing, picking up a new bottle of e-Liquid and tossing the old stuff is a no-brainer! Shop vape juice and nic salt e-juice at eJuice Direct and keep your e-juice collection full of fresh and delicious options! If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team at any time. Stay safe, and happy vaping!
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