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Size, Coils, and Color: Your Options with Vaporesso: The Vaporesso Blog Series Part One - eJuiceDirect

Size, Coils, and Color: Your Options with Vaporesso: The Vaporesso Blog Series Part One

When shopping for vaping hardware, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Luckily, eJuice Direct is here on the Direct Blog to delve into one of the best-selling vape hardware brands on the market: Vaporesso. This industry-leading brand focuses on technological advances, making their vape devices and accessories a step above the rest. Let’s take a look at some size, color, and coil options available from Vaporesso to help you find the best hardware for you.
The size and shape of a vape device really can make all the difference; a bulky vape can be limiting as it is challenging to travel with, and smaller devices typically offer fewer adjustments or customization options. The good news is that Vaporesso provides a well-rounded selection of multiple size options to accommodate any vaper’s needs and preferences. Let’s dive into some small, medium, and large Vaporesso vape devices and what you can expect from each one.
LUXE Q Pod Kit - Named for the luxury it affords, the Vaporesso LUXE Q pod kit offers a pocket-size option for the vaper on the go with some impressive features users might not expect from such a small vape. The 2mL pods feature anti-leak technology and fire by draw-activation, so users never have to worry about this vape misbehaving in a pocket or backpack. The zinc-alloy body is short and stout with an anti-slip coating for grip and comfort, packing a lot of ingenuity into a tiny device. The LUXE Q can also vaporize nicotine salts or traditional e-Liquids, making this a versatile piece of vaping hardware.
XROS Pod Kit - Similarly titled for its outstanding reputation, the XROS pod kit embodies everything Vaporesso aims to create a vape device. The sleek and slim chassis slips easily into a pocket or bag, with a body about the size of a standard disposable vape. Despite its size, The XROS offers some more functionality than one might expect, including adjustable airflow to toggle between DTL and MTL vaping styles. With 2mL pods capable of vaporizing nicotine salt e-Liquids at a low wattage, the XROS pod kit is a must-have for vapers with busy lifestyles and a need for a travel-friendly vape.
Swag II Vape Kit - The Vaporesso Swag II Vape Kit doesn’t lie; this midsize vape has some swagger to it! With a texturized rubber and durable steel chassis for grip and comfort, the Swag II is about the size of a deck of cards, a perfect middle ground between a hefty mod and a teeny pod kit. With a 3.5mL tank included and a quick-turn ring for airflow control, this vape device also features adjustable modes such as Pulse and ECO Modes that make controlling your vape experience as easy as can be.
SWAG PX80 Pod Mod Kit - Like the Swag II kit mentioned previously, the SWAG PX80 Pod Mod Kit (shown in the image) is a palm-sized vape device with a powerful AXON chipset to support mode changes and rapid firing speeds. Users can customize each puff using the ECO, Pulse, or Power ECO modes to vaporize nicotine salts or traditional e-Liquids. The slightly larger chassis features compatibility with the included 4mL pods with a top-fill port, perfect for clean refills even when on the go.
XIRON Vape Kit - No vape device commands your attention like the Vaporesso XIRON Vape Kit. This large vape device vaporizes nicotine salt e-Liquids, taking low-wattage vaping to the next level. Users can expect easy customization with the handy OLED screen, displaying all the data you need to achieve your ideal puff. With a rechargeable 1500mAh battery, the XRION fully embodies the phrase ‘large and in charge.’
LUXE II Vape Kit - The LUXE II Vape Kit by Vaporesso is designed for sub-ohm vaping and offers impressive features. With a chassis made from steel and mixed materials for style, this vape device also offers customization with modes including Smart TC, Variable Wattage, and the beloved Pulse Mode. Users can enjoy infrequent refills with the colossal 8mL tank, making this a fantastic option for powerful vaping.
Choosing a coil can make all the difference in your vaping experience, as each coil often offers different benefits. Meshed coils heat e-Liquid more evenly to avoid dry or burnt puffs, and standard coils typically provide more power and DIY capabilities for the builders out there. Let’s take a look at some of Vaporesso’s best-selling coils and what makes them so unique.
Compatible with several Vaporesso devices, the GTX and GTX Mesh coil series make vaping more straightforward than ever. The standard GTX coils support MTL or DTL vaping styles at 1.2ohm resistance, featuring flax cotton for outstanding flavor and cloud production. The GTX Mesh coils are equally reliable, offering smooth puffs full of flavor. Users can expect a long-lasting vaping experience with Vaporesso, and the GTX or GTX Mesh coil series support many vape devices.
Vaporesso’s sub-ohm collection of coils is the GT series, designed for vaporizing traditional e-Liquids with various compatible devices. The standard coils in the black and violet box offer a wide range of resistance options, making this an excellent choice for the vaper who likes to change things up. Users can also play with their device’s settings to match the coil specifications and find their perfect puff. The GT Meshed coils in the black and pink box offer two resistance options for sub-ohm vaping, featuring a unique mesh designed for a long lifespan and organic cotton for flavor production.
Technological advancements have made vaping easier and safer, but Vaporesso takes this a step further by adding some style to your vape experience. All of their vape devices are available in multiple color options, but make sure to grab your favorite before it sells out! Let’s take a look at some of the most visually stunning vape devices from Vaporesso’s collection.
LUXE PM40 Vape Kit - Without spinning the yarn about how incredible this vape kit is, let’s turn our attention to the attractive chassis design options. Constructed with steel and resin, the LUXE PM40 kit is available in several color options with unique designs on each one. Due to the naturally occurring variance in resin patterns, each LUXE PM40 is unique, and no two are identical. The color flying off our shelves is called Lava, a vibrant red-orange on a black chassis. Perfect to fit into any vaper’s aesthetic, Vaporesso’s LUXE PM40 offers equal amounts of functionality and fashion.
Renova Zero Pod Kit - This travel-size vape device was a close runner-up for the small size category, but we would be remiss if we did not give it a chance to shine for its eye-catching color options. The Renova Zero Pod Kit features a sleek chassis with solid and patterned color options available in several colors. While small, this vape packs a powerfully visual punch. Each chassis is designed with medical-grade materials for durability without sacrificing the stylish design afforded by the vibrant colors available.
In this three-part series, we will be taking a deep dive into Vaporesso’s vape device options and what makes them best-sellers. Today, we talked about coils, color options, and size options, and next time we will delve into two similar vapes and see what makes them different. Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more product recommendations, reviews, and more!
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