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Spotlight Disposables: Lush Disposable Vape Pens - eJuice Direct

by Cassandra Stern on November 13, 2020

Love Unusual Flavors? Try a Lush Vape Pen!

Lush Disposable vape pens offer an affordable vaping option for vape enthusiasts of all experience levels and budgets. The convenient pre-filled tank and pre-charged battery mean you can enjoy over 300 puffs of premium 5% nicotine salt e-Liquid from each device without ever stopping to refill, recharge, or swap coils. Check out eJuice Direct’s collection of Lush Disposables and see why vape users everywhere reach for these low-maintenance vape pens!

These Lush Disposables flavors bring delicious yet uncommon tastes to the forefront, highlighting the best of the flavors we know and love with a little Lush twist. The best-selling vape pen that only Lush can deliver is Orange Soda flavor, a crisp and zesty beverage flavor with a familiar bubbly spark, unlike any e-juice you’ve tasted before. Whether you cannot get enough of the real drink or you are just a fan of orange e-Liquid flavors, this vape pen is a must-have. Shatter your cravings with every puff and experience the decadent sweetness of a one-of-a-kind flavor! Instead of killing coils with a dessert e-juice, switching to a disposable vape pen that delivers the same delicious satisfaction can eliminate the hassle and stress of maintaining a full-size vape device without compromising on taste or quality.

Stuck at Home on a Stay-Cation? Puff Some Tropical Bliss Instead!

If you, like most of us, wish you were on a tropical beach sipping something fruity and delicious, these vape pens are the ones for you! Lush Disposables come in a variety of flavors, including exotic fruits that will transport you to paradise with every puff. Try the Mango Lychee vape pen for a rich puff of velvety golden mango and juicy mellow lychee, authentic to the true nature of tropical fruits. Or take the Iced Pineapple option for a spin and give your taste buds a vacation to a sunny wonderland of flavor that can only be beaten by the real thing. No collection of tropical fruits would be complete without passion fruit, and the Iced Passion Fruit flavor offers a tangy taste of this exotic fruit in every deliciously sweet puff. If you are still holding onto the last few days of summer weather, you cannot go wrong with the Passion Fruit Strawberry vape pen to bring you back to the most gorgeous days of the season. Rather than lugging that bulky vape kit around the house, switching to disposable vape devices takes all of the hassles out of your vape experience, so you can puff the day away with ease!

Still Sweating in the Heat, Even Though it’s Almost Winter? Chill Out with an Icy Fruit Flavor!

If your days are spent waiting for crisp fall weather to finally come around, you can stay cool with some icy menthol vape pens from Lush Disposables. The best-selling Iced Berry Lychee vape pen combines sweet and tart fruits with icy menthol for a chilly rush of flavor and ice, perfect to vape on a warm sunny day. The Lush Ice vape pen is yet another delicious option that delivers crisp watermelon flavor with cool menthol for a rush of sweet summer fruit that is a mainstay all year round. When you are out and about on your daily adventures, don’t let a hefty vape device slow you down! These handy vape devices offer convenience and affordability, so they fit in your pocket and your budget. Keep cool with these deliciously icy options, and fill your cart with Lush Disposables to fill your day with a simple vaping experience.

If a Lush Disposable vape pen sounds like an ideal low-cost investment for you, and we think it will be, grab one today from eJuice Direct! If you have any questions about vape pens, reach out to our Customer Care Team, and our educated staff will help you get the answers you need. Happy vaping!


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