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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Taxes Explained: The eJuice Direct Guide to Taxes, the PACT Act, and What it Means for You - eJuiceDirect

Taxes Explained: The eJuice Direct Guide to Taxes, the PACT Act, and What it Means for You

Taxes Explained: The eJuice Direct Guide to Taxes, the PACT Act, and What it Means for You 

You may already be familiar with the PACT Act of 2020 and its impact on the vape industry, but it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed by all the new regulations and taxes. Luckily, eJuice Direct is here on the Direct Blog to help you make sense of how these taxes work and understand why your cart may look different. Let’s first take a brief look back at the PACT Act and what it means for you, then we’ll take a look at your cart and what each piece means. Please keep in mind that this requirement is neither new nor under our control; USPS has used this signature requirement for age verification when shipping liquor products and the like, and now vape products are subject to this as well. As a vape retailer, we have no control over the government regulations, but we can help you break it down and understand how it works.


What Is the PACT Act and What Does it Mean for Me? 

The PACT Act was an act passed by US Congress in late 2020 that includes a rule about vape products, which now subjects all vaping products to more taxes and regulations than ever before. For more information about the act itself, read our PACT Act page here. In the past few months, we have navigated the new shipping requirements, and most of our guests are familiar with the Adult Signature Required step when using USPS shipping. Let’s take a look at how these taxes and rules now affect your checkout experience.


What Does My Cart Look Like Now?

Your cart may look different from what you are used to, so let’s take a deep dive into each part of the checkout screen and talk about what each piece means.


Terms to Know 

Subtotal - the total cost of items in your cart Shipping - the shipping cost of $7 flat rate plus the $7 fee for USPS Adult Signature Requirement for a total of $14 per order. (Insider tip - this fee is the same no matter how big your order is, so we recommend bulk buying when you can!) Bottle Surcharge - your city’s and state’s taxes for nicotine-containing products or related vape accessories. Some states may refer to this charge as “excise tax” or “vape tax.” This charge will vary by state and township, so please check out our Newsletter page HERE to sign up (free!) with your zip code and link your account to your location. This way, you can always see your exact taxes in your cart as you shop.

Sales Tax - regular ol’ sales tax. This is not a new item on the checkout screen. Total - the total cost of your order with all of the above charges included. We understand that you may experience some “sticker shock,” meaning feeling surprised by the price of your order, and we hear you.

eJuice Direct is run by vapers, meaning we are all subject to these new taxes and charges as well, and trust us when we say we’re not happy about it either. That being said, we must focus on what we can control. While we cannot control the government regulations that are trying to rain on our vape parade, we can help you find the vape juice and hardware you need for a bargain price!

Check out our Weekly Deals page so see our latest sales and deals, and sign up for our email newsletter to stay in the loop about sales, new products, and regulation updates. eJuice Direct is here to help, and our Customer Care Team is always reachable via email if you have questions or concerns about your order, our site, or anything vape related. If you do reach out to us, be sure to check your spam and junk folders for our responses, as email providers often filter our correspondence out of inboxes.

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