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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vapor4Life Alternatives - Direct Blog - eJuiceDirect

Vapor4Life Alternatives - Direct Blog

Vapor4Life Alternatives at eJuice Direct

Like any other industry, the vaping world has seen countless companies enter with high hopes and dreams, with many of them reaching these goals. Unfortunately, as time goes on, not all of these companies stick around for a number of reasons, but when we at eJuice Direct saw that Vapor4Life was closing their doors, our hearts sank a bit deeper than usual. With a focus on safe vaping, this family-oriented company created numerous vape juices and cartomizers that vapers all around the world have enjoyed for years. To honor their massive presence in the vaping world, we want to offer recommendations for alternative vape juice flavors and cartomizers so that we might soften the blow from their absence in the industry. Every vaper who loved your products will miss you, Vapor4Life, especially us. We hope that our suggestions prove to be worthy adversaries to Vapor4Life’s products, but we know that we can never truly replace them.

Terrific Tobaccos

For inexperienced vapers or veteran vape users who have never used one, a cartomizer combines the words “cartridge” and “atomizer.” Most vapers are familiar with the term “atomizer,” which has grown from meaning the coil to the section of the vaping device where the battery is contained for non-rebuildable devices. The word “cartridge” refers to the reservoir where vape juice is kept, better known as the pod, pod tank, or sub-ohm tank. In cartomizers, the atomizer is the battery section and the cartridge is the liquid part, and combined, the device resembles an elongated cigarette. These can come in a variety of flavors, which Vapor4Life was known for carrying. While Vapor4Life had several tobacco-flavored cartomizers, eJuice Direct has a close alternative, Dat Bar Tobacco. This disposable vape pen offers about 1600 puffs of pure tobacco flavor at 50mg nicotine salt strength. To make it even more convenient to your busy lifestyle, this device is non-rechargeable and non-refillable, so all you have to worry about is enjoying the bold tobacco taste!

If you already miss being able to stock up on cartomizers at Vapor4Life and still prefer an ultra-portable device, then check out our pod systems! One of the most convenient ones is the Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit. This compact device runs on an internal 800mAh battery that powers both the firing key button and the draw-activation feature. Don’t forget to buy 2-packs of Vaporesso XROS Replacement Pods though! Each pod holds 2mL of vape juice using a top-fill system and comes with an integrated 0.8 ohm or 1.2 ohm mesh coil, so you never have to worry about carrying around extra coils as well.

If a pod system with a sleeker design better fits your style, then the SMOK Nfix Pod Kit is a great choice. With a variety of colors to choose from, this device offers draw-activation from the rechargeable 700mAh battery. In addition, you can choose between the 3mL DC 0.8 ohm MTL Pod or the 3mL Meshed 0.8 ohm Pod for a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct lung (DL) vaping experience.

If you want sleekness, compactness, and the power of a box mod, then the VooPoo VINCI Pod Kit is perfect for you! This pod system operates on an internal 1500mAh battery, uses fire- or draw-activation, and has a whopping 5.5mL vape juice capacity. These pods take PnP series coils for optimal DL vaping (2 are included with the kit!), but you can choose a different one if MTL vaping is what you prefer.

Regardless of which one of our pod systems you are interested in to replace your beloved cartomizers from Vapor4Life, any vaping device pairs well with tobacco vape juices, particularly any rich flavor from Loosie, bold and sweet Tasty Cloud Stay Gold e-Liquid, and earthy I Love Salts by Mad Hatter Classic Tobacco e-juice.

Mighty Menthols

If you’re a fan of the convenience of cartomizers, then disposable vape pens might be what you’re looking for. Disposable vape pens hold an estimated number of puffs, are non-refillable, and typically non-rechargeable so that you never have to worry about carrying any extra batteries, charging cables, or bottles of vape juice. These no-hassle devices are perfect for vape users with a busy lifestyle who dislike the inconvenience of having more than a vaping device in their pocket or purse. Since disposable vape pens are no-maintenance, they are also the more budget-friendly option due to not needing any extra vaping products to keep them running. Once they’re out of puffs, you can simply grab another one.

eJuice Direct has plenty of options for disposable vape pens, but for vapers missing a minty flavor in their cartomizer, we have some great recommendations. The Vaptio Beco Mesh Spearmint disposable vape pen is powered by an internal 1000mAh battery that requires no recharging at all. Each one holds 5.5mL of non-refillable vape juice and offers about 2200 puffs of sweet spearmint flavor at 50mg nicotine salt strength.

Similarly, Vaptio Beco Max Spearmint is perfect for vape users in need of a disposable vape pen with a higher puff count. Although it has the same refreshing spearmint flavor and nicotine salt strength as its predecessor mentioned previously, it’s sure to last you for at least a week, depending on your vaping habits. This device provides approximately 3500 puffs within its 9mL pod using its integrated 1400mAh battery, allowing you to savor this invigorating flavor for much longer. While a minty menthol flavor can be great to refresh your taste buds, Vaptio disposable vape pens come in a variety of frozen fruit flavors for vapers who like a bit of sweetness added to their palate.

If the taste of pure mint is what your all-day vape flavor is, then Hitt Maxx Fresh Mint disposable vape pen is exactly what you need. This device has a non-rechargeable 1000mAh battery with a non-refillable 6mL pod. You can enjoy an estimated 1500 puffs at 50mg nicotine salt strength of crisp mint flavor within a sleek, easy-to-hold, and ultra-portable design.

Vapor4Life will be dearly missed, and the hole left by their vape juices may never truly be filled. However, eJuice Direct wants to heal any vaper’s broken heart with some fantastic alternatives to Vapor4Life’s beloved menthol and tobacco cartomizers so that you can still vape deliciously. Check out our Flavor Navigation page to find more vape juices from your favorite flavor profile, or our Disposables page to shop vape disposables. Check back on the Direct Blog for more product recommendations, reviews, and more!

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