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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Get Nude while Vaping Nude (eJuice) - Direct Blog - eJuiceDirect

Get Nude while Vaping Nude (eJuice) - Direct Blog

Get Nude while Vaping Nude (eJuice)

National Nude Day began in New Zealand as a joke public holiday, but it has quickly grown into a day when people worldwide show appreciation for naturism. Although this has only been an official “holiday” since the 21st century, people throughout history have enjoyed being naked in their spare time, such as politicians like Winston Churchill, musicians such as Ludacris, actors and actresses including Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hanks, and Patrick Stewart, and writers like Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Ernest Hemingway, and Walt Whitman. While this is just a short list of celebrities and historical figures who enjoy being unclothed, nudity has grown to be so popular that even the vaping industry is involved with it.

eJuice Direct is proud to carry Nude e-Liquids, which range from fresh fruit flavors in the original line, to savory dessert flavors in the Bakery collection. The company focuses on being entirely transparent with their ingredients and naming conventions, making it easy for any vaper to know exactly what flavor their taste buds are about to savor. This National Nude Day, eJuice Direct is offering extra deals and recommendations on Nude e-Liquids, especially if you plan on celebrating your skin this year.

While some people may be clothes-minded, if you can bare the idea of participating in National Nude Day, please celebrate National Nude Day responsibly and rock that birthday suit in the comfort of your own home. Either way, be prepared for July 14, and don’t just get naked; get Nude!

Bare It All and Bake It Up

No need to put on clothes and head over to the store to get a sweet treat to enjoy when the Bakery (collection) can come to you! Nude’s Bakery line offers two delectable flavors that are so good, you might just keep craving more. For a lighter flavor, Caramel Cheesecake e-Liquid is a perfect all-day vape. Each inhale contains the rich taste of a freshly-baked cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, and the sweet caramel drizzled on top is unlocked on the exhale of this delicious e-Liquid. While this may sound ultra-decadent, trust us when we say it will hit the spot every time and keep any sweet treat cravings at bay. You can grab 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength of this tasty e-Liquid and keep the oven off this July 14.

After indulging in a delicious and airy dessert flavor like Caramel Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake e-Liquid might be what you need. Every puff provides a moist shortcake flavor topped with plump strawberry and fresh whipped cream flavors. The best part about this creamy and sweet flavor is that you don’t have to get dressed, go to the store to grab ingredients, or bust out the baking ware. Baking while naked is also risky business, but vaping Nude while nude might just be the most satisfying part of your National Nude Day. If just desserts are what you’re craving, then stock up on 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength.

Shake Your Fruity Booty

Nude’s fruity flavors feature the freshest fruits with the most unique flavor profiles. APK e-Liquid is all about greens - green fruits, that is! Each puff offers a mouthwatering blend of crisp green apple, juicy pear, and tart kiwi flavors. The best part is that there is no need to throw on an outfit and head on over to the local farmers market. eJuice Direct carries 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength, so you can stock up before National Nude Day.

Another simply-named yet mouthwatering Nude fruit flavor is GAS e-Liquid, which is, well, “gas,” which is slang for something that is very high-quality and amazing. This refreshing e-Liquid combines tropical guava, ripe apple, and succulent strawberry flavors. GAS e-Liquid is sure to light a fire in your taste buds (after your firing key button heats up your coil!) since one drop of this sweet flavor has enough power to keep your palate wanting more. Luckily, eJuice Direct can make sure that your sub-ohm tank is filled with plenty of this tasty e-Liquid since we have 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength.

Best Bargain in the Buff

While being as naked as a jaybird is utterly freeing, the best part about a national holiday is discovering new deals that are only available on those days. However, eJuice Direct has a year-round bargain that you can take advantage of at any time: Nude e-Liquids Mix & Match! This amazing offer can provide you with multiple bottles of Nude flavors without having to break the bank. You can pick three 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength of any fruity, decadent, or bold flavor and watch the savings pile up. That’s about 3 month’s worth of delicious vape juices that you get to choose from the Nude collection for your sub-ohm tank! That means fewer trips to a brick and mortar vape shop and more convenience for you.

While National Nude Day is only once a year, you can celebrate other nude-based (inter)national days with Nude e-Liquids, like:

February 20: National Comfy Day (what’s comfier than being unclothed?)

April 22: Earth Day (what’s more natural than being au naturel?)

First Saturday in May: World Naked Gardening Day (we suggest being naked in the privacy of your backyard)

July 3: National Compliment Your Mirror Day (compliment your reflection while taking it all in after a shower or bath)

July 26: National All or Nothing Day (we recommend wearing nothing at home)

August 10: National Lazy Day (great excuse to stay undressed inside all day!)

November 20: National Absurdity Day (if being naked all day is absurd to you, then this is the day to do it!)

November 30: National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day (and relax in the buff)

December 3: National Roof Over Your Head Day (appreciate that you have a place you call home that you can safely be indoors in your birthday suit)

If you choose to participate in any of these events, please remember to keep your indecency as private as possible, but feel free to enjoy Nude flavors while in the nude all year! We appreciate that you took the time to read this post, so as a special thank you, you’ve unlocked a special discount! Use code FINDME10 for 10% off of your next order. Keep an eye out for more product recommendations, reviews, and more right here on the Direct Blog!

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