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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
eJuice Direct's Packs of the Week for 11/13/20 - eJuiceDirect

eJuice Direct's Packs of the Week for 11/13/20

Vape Juice Packs of the Week: Cake & Peach

eJuice Direct’s exclusive Packs of the Week are your opportunity to stock up your favorite flavor of e-Liquids or try something new in a flavor profile you enjoy. This week, our delicious flavor options are the indulgent Cake pack and the sweet Peach pack. We curate these packs with some of our best-selling e-juices, so you can take advantage of this deal and get fantastic value and quality. To get your pack, simply pick your flavor, select your nicotine level, place your order, and we do the rest! Once your package arrives at your door, you can enjoy three tasty vape juices in your favorite flavor and keep your vape experience delicious and affordable. Check out these packs and let us know which one is your favorite by tagging us @ejuicedirect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Let’s dive into this week’s selections and see what is in store for you!

Pack 1: Cake

Let them vape cake! This Pack of the Week features some of our favorite cake flavors from top-selling brands, so we are sure you will enjoy every puff of indulgent flavor. First up is Rockt Punch Lemon Cake Berserker e-Liquid, a rich lemon cake with just a touch of tartness to keep you coming back for more. The zesty lemon mingles with sweet cake for a delicate and delicious puff you don’t want to pass up. Next is Keep it 100 Shake e-Liquid, a classic cake shake e-juice for fans of the real thing. This vape juice is smooth and satisfying, and just one taste will kick your cravings to the curb! Finally, we have Basix Blueberry Cake e-Liquid, a decadent cake flavor with tart blueberries to lighten up the sweetness. The subtle frosting notes make this an all-day vape that just doesn’t quit. Treat yourself to a delectable cake flavor in your tank today, and your only regret will be not trying it sooner!

Cake Lineup:
– Rockt Punch Lemon Cake Berserker (120ml) – Luscious lemon cake.
– Keep it 100 Shake (100ml) – Classic cake milkshake.
– Basix Blueberry Cake (60ml) – Beautiful blueberry cake flavor.

Pack 2: Peach

If you’re feeling peachy keen and want to dive into a delicious vape juice flavor that will remind you of sunny summer days by the pool, this pack is the one for you. First up is Twist Yellow Peach e-Liquid, formerly known as Peach Blossom Lemonade. This e-juice balances juicy peach with zesty lemonade for a perfectly peachy beverage flavor that shines all year round. Next up is eJuice Direct’s number-one seller, Juice Head Peach Pear e-Liquid, a vape juice so popular, we can hardly keep it on our shelves! This sweet blend of two fruits offers a puff of fresh flavor that you won’t want to put down. If you are searching for a new all-day-vape, this is it! Finally, we have Aqua Oasis e-Liquid for a twisted take on peach flavors. With cantaloupe and papaya flavors to mix things up, this e-juice is uniquely satisfying and something you might be surprised by. The juicy flavors mingle with a rich melon undertone for a puff like no other. Delicious peach is within reach with this pack, so get yours today!

Peach Lineup:
– Lemon Twist Peach Blossom Lemonade (120ml) – Juicy peach lemonade.
– Juice Head Peachy Pear(100ml) – Sweet peach and pear flavors.
– Aqua Oasis (60ml) – Peach, cantaloupe, and papaya.

Your only regret with these Packs of the Week will be not buying more, so get one or get both today! These options won’t be here for long, and once they sell out they’re gone, so take advantage of this deal and stock up on the flavors you love for an affordable price. If you love saving money, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more updates on upcoming deals, product reviews, and more!

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