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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
eJuice Direct's Packs of the Week for 11/6/20 - eJuiceDirect

eJuice Direct's Packs of the Week for 11/6/20

Vape Juice Packs of the Week: Berries & Donut

Welcome to eJuice Direct’s Pack of the Week blog! Every week, we delve into our warehouse and select delicious vape juice options for you to enjoy for a steal of a price. This week, you can try some of the best Strawberry and Mango flavors we have to offer with this simple deal! Check out these amazing e-Liquids and follow these simple steps to get your Pack of the Week: choose your flavor, select your nicotine level, place your order, and we’ll do the rest. Before you know it, your order will be delivered to your door, and the pleasure will be all yours. Enjoy something new or grab a few bottles from your favorite flavor for an incredible price. Take advantage of this deal before they sell out!

Pack 1: Berry

Looking for something berry delicious to put in your tank? eJuice Direct has you covered with this Pack of the Week: Berry! With 280mL of delectable e-Liquids in total, this collection will have you puffing away all day and enjoying the sweet and tart goodness of a berry-flavored e-juice. First up is our very own Direct Juice Berry Lemonade e-Liquid, a tangy blend of berries and zesty lemonade flavors. If you are still hanging onto the last warm days of summer while autumn rolls in, this is the perfect vape juice to keep those sunny vibes coming. Next up is an indulgent flavor we’re sure you’ll love, for it is Cream Collection Berry Pops e-Liquid, a rich blend of sweet berry cake pop and creamy frosting flavors available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength. Let your vape juice crush your cravings with authentic flavor and delicious satisfaction. Finally, the last e-juice in this pack is Twist Purple No. 1 e-Liquid, formerly known as Berry Medley Lemonade. This tangy duo of mixed berries and lemonade flavors provides all the vibrant flavors of the berry orchard with a zesty twist of fresh lemonade flavor. This Pack of the Week delivers delicious e-juices to your door with all of the quality and flavor you love at a low price you’ll love even more. Get yours today from eJuice Direct!

Vape Juice Pack of the Week - Berries- eJuice Direct Berries Lineup:
– Direct Juice Berry Lemonade (120ml) – Tart berries and zesty lemonade flavors.
– Cream Collection Berry Pops (100ml) – Rich berry cake pops.
– Twist e-Liquid Purple No. 1 (60ml) – Sweet mixed berries.

Pack 2: Donut

There’s nothing more satisfying than a bakery-fresh donut to start your day, but this Donut Pack of the Week comes close! With authentic flavor and delicious sweetness, you cannot pass up this pack if you are a fan of rich donut shop flavors. First up we have eJuice Direct’s own Direct Juice Glazed Donuts e-Liquid, offering an indulgent puff of fluffy donut flavor with notes of a sweet glaze. Skip the coffee shop line and grab this e-juice instead for a satisfying taste of classic donuts! Next up is Holy Cannoli Glazed Donuts e-Liquid which delivers traditional donut flavors with a savory cannoli twist. If you enjoy cannolis and the rich taste of creamy filling and the fried dough shell, this is the vape juice for you. Finally, the ultimate in cafe e-juices, Barista Brew Co. Maple Donut Bar e-Liquid provides a delectable puff of authentic maple, decadent donut, and sweet frosting flavors. Barista Brew Co. is famous for its coffee e-juices, but this baked treat vape juice crushes the competition with authenticity and richness in flavor. Grab this Pack of the Week today and savor the savings of eJuice Direct’s exclusive deal on your favorite e-Liquid flavor!

Vape Juice Pack of the Week - Donuts - eJuice Direct Donuts Lineup:
– Direct Juice Glazed Donut (120ml) – A rich donut and sweet glaze.
– Holy Cannoli Glazed Donut (100ml) – Classic glazed donut.
– Barista Brew Co. Maple Bar Donut (60ml) – Decadent maple syrup donut.

Your only regret with these Packs of the Week will be not buying more, so get one or get both today! These options won’t be here for long, and once they sell out they’re gone, so take advantage of this deal and stock up on the flavors you love for an affordable price. If you love saving money, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more updates on upcoming deals, product reviews, and more!

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