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Vape Wild Alternatives at eJuice Direct - Direct Blog - eJuiceDirect

Vape Wild Alternatives at eJuice Direct - Direct Blog

We are so sad to say goodbye to Vape Wild as they close their doors, and we know you all will miss them too. Their vape juices are world-renowned for authentic flavors and unique blends, cementing their place not only at the top of the vape industry but in the hearts of vapers everywhere as well. Unfortunately, Vape Wild recently decided to close, and the entire vaping community feels their absence. The vape industry is stronger than ever, and eJuice Direct has some big plans in store for our future, but seeing companies come and go is a part of business. We are saddened by the loss of Vape Wild, and we hope VW fans can find their vaping needs met right here at EJD. Luckily for you, all of Vape Wild’s beloved vape juice flavors have some fantastic alternatives. You can find these delicious dupes right here at eJuice Direct, and to make this easier for you, we’ve made the following list of Vape Wild flavors and their spot-on matches. Let’s get into it!

Blue Harvest e-Liquid - Watermelon lemonade with fresh blueberries.

This summertime staple flavor delivers refreshing fruit flavors in every puff, and if you enjoy Blue Harvest e-juice in the past, you’ll likely enjoy:

Buttered Beer e-Liquid - Vanilla butterscotch.

Rich butterscotch with notes of creamy vanilla is one of the many universally lovable flavors, and you can find a similar taste in:

Cowboy Cooler e-Liquid - Mixed berries with chilly menthol.

Kick off those cowboy boots and enjoy some sweet berry and icy menthol flavors with Cowboy Cooler alternatives, including:

Double Rainbow e-Liquid - Loopy breakfast cereal.

A classic loopy fruit cereal flavor is easy to love, and vape users who cannot get enough of Double Rainbow from Vape Wild will surely adore:

Hannibal Nectar e-Liquid - Mixed berries with orange, peach, and melon.

This complex fruit blend carries a darkly humorous name, but the flavors inside are second to none. Instead of missing Hannibal Nectar e-juice, try:

Ice Cold e-Liquid - Menthol.

For a refreshing puff of classic menthol flavor, Ice Cold e-juice from Vape Wild is a must-have. Give these alternatives a try for a similar icy experience:

Kiwi Berry e-Liquid - Strawberry kiwi smoothie.

Strawberries and kiwis are an inseparable pair of delicious fruits, and Vape Wild is known for their true-to-life rendition of the flavor. Give these fruity favorites a try:

Menthol Type e-Liquid - Menthol and tobacco.

Nothing beats a refreshing menthol vape juice in your tank, and luckily many industry-leading brands offer this classic flavor. If you enjoyed Menthol Type e-juice, try:

Murica e-Liquid - Raspberry and cherry with citrus notes

America planted a flag on the moon, and Vape Wild planted their flag in the hearts of vapers everywhere with the Murica e-juice. For a similar flavor experience, give these flavors a try:

On Cloud Custard e-Liquid - Vanilla custard.

One notch above cloud nine is cloud custard, and this vape juice has been loved by many for its creamy and authentic flavor. Give these alternative vape juices a try and you might be surprised by the delicious custard flavor you’ll find in:

Pinkle Twinkle e-Liquid - Mixed fruit confections.

Despite the strange name, this fan-favorite vape juice is easy to love. If you enjoy sweet fruit flavors, you might like these alternatives:

Rainbow Crunch e-Liquid - Classic breakfast cereal.

Beginning your day with a delicious breakfast e-juice flavor can kickstart your morning, and this cereal vape juice is a classic. For similar flavor profiles, try:

(S+C)2 e-Liquid - Strawberries and coconut cream.

Coconut is an uncommon vape juice flavor, but many brands have formulated some absolutely tasty coconut blends that will blow you away. If you liked (S+C)2 e-juice, you'll enjoy:

Spearmint e-Liquid - Sweet spearmint.

Vape Wild’s spearmint vape juice is crisp and refreshing, and you can find that deliciously mint flavor in these fan-favorite e-juices as well:

Stardust e-Liquid - Cucumber and melon with mixed fruits.

Stardust e-juice from Vape Wild offers an intergalactic blast of fresh fruit flavors. Luckily, eJuice Direct offers some delicious vape juices with similar flavor profiles. Try these out for a cucumber flavor:

Stoned Age e-Liquid - Fruity cereal.

Fruity cereal vape juice flavors are a dime a dozen, seeing as this is such a hit flavor. That means you have so many options for alternatives! Check out these delicious cereal e-juices:

Strawberry WaterFelons e-Liquid - Watermelon and strawberry.

Strawberry and watermelon are a match made in vape juice heaven, and there are so many alternative e-juice options at eJuice Direct for you to choose from. For a fruity blast of flavor, try:

Surf Cake e-Liquid - Cheesecake with blueberries.

You’ve been indulging in your sweets cravings with Surf Cake e-juice, but don’t worry, there are so many more decadent cheesecake flavors that will tickle your taste buds with sweetness. Check out these Surf Cake alternatives available at eJuice Direct:

Tiger’s Blood e-Liquid - Strawberry and watermelon in rich cream.

The addition of cream to any fruit e-juice flavor makes for a uniquely delicious puff, and Tiger’s Blood e-juice nailed it. Luckily, so did a few other brands! For a similar creamy fruit vape experience, try:

Wrangler e-Liquid - Virginia tobacco.

Nothing tops an authentic tobacco vape juice, and there are more flavorful options out there than you might think. Try out a comparable tobacco e-juice with these alternatives:
The eJuice Direct team is so grateful for our community of vapers, and we thank you for supporting EJD in these trying times. It is humbling to see our peers closing their doors, and we could not be more thankful that we are still in business. We hope you found this blog helpful, and don’t forget to check out the other articles on the Direct Blog for more flavor recommendations, tips and tricks, and more. If you are still on the hunt for a specific vape juice flavor, check out our Flavor Navigation page to shop by flavor. As a thank you for reading the Direct Blog, we would like to give you a secret coupon code! Use code FINDME10 at checkout for 10% off your next order. Thank you for supporting eJuice Direct, and happy vaping!
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