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FREE Shipping On Orders $75+ with Code FREESHIP75
Voices Carry Week 3 - eJuice Direct - eJuiceDirect

Voices Carry Week 3 - eJuice Direct

Voices carry, and the voices of the eJuice Direct vaping community are invaluable to us. Within our fanbase, there are dozens of dedicated vape enthusiasts who show their appreciation for the community by leaving detailed reviews on e-Liquids and hardware that not only help us understand your shopping experience, but also help other vapers find delicious e-juice and innovative vape devices. We reached out to some of these reviewers and asked them why they are so committed to reviewing products, and the results gave us a newfound hope for the future of vaping. In other words, these vapers cherish and support the vaping community by sharing their thoughts and opinions in the reviews section and on social media. To say thank you and give back to these dedicated vape users, we want to put the spotlight on them and listen to what they have to say about vaping, eJuice Direct, and their favorite products. We asked vape aficionado Pat S. about their favorite e-Liquid, and they told us, “I think it's impossible to pick a single favorite juice. Depending on my mood, I may choose to use a fruity juice or a savory juice. Additionally, with vaper's tongue being a thing, where you get used to a flavor and end up tasting it less and less if you use it too much, it's necessary to switch frequently.” This is a fantastic point, and choosing an all-day vape can be tricky when battling vaper’s tongue. For more information on vaper’s tongue, check out our What is Vaper’s Tongue blog. Pat goes on to say, “Some of my favorite juices include Air Factory's fruity juices such as Mango, Crisp Apple and Strawberry Kiwi. Also, I've had great experiences with... Jam Monster juices. They're just great, they have a good solid taste, nothing too overwhelming. They're just right.” There is no better feeling than when you find a vape juice that is just right! When it comes to choosing a brand, Pat says, “I tend to buy a few items from brands I know, and I also try to buy something new and different. When I'm looking for something new, I may look at the description to try figure out what the juice flavor is.” This open-minded perspective on trying new vape juice flavors is what makes this vaper so successful in finding new delicious options, and we love to hear it! Most importantly, we wanted to understand what drives this incredible member of the vape community to leave such detailed reviews and they told us, “I leave reviews in order to counter the bias that typically happens. Usually, people won't leave reviews unless they have a bad experience. Being conscious of that, I want to review mediocre and excellent products as well, to help people make decisions.” This altruistic approach to leaving reviews inspires us at eJuice Direct, and we truly enjoy hearing this positivity. Pat also brought up a great point that we must mention; they said, “I wish it was easier to leave reviews... I wish there was a submenu in account where every item from every order I've placed is listed out and it says whether or not I've left a review on that product,” and we appreciate the feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our website and make your eJuice Direct experience as seamless and simple as possible, and we thank you for your contribution to our list of ideas. If you would like a chance to be featured in a future installment of Voices Carry on the Direct Blog, don’t forget to leave reviews on your favorite e-Liquids or tag us @ejuicedirect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stay tuned on the Direct Blog for more from the Voices of eJuice Direct, information on vaping, and product reviews!
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