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Why is my Disposable Vape Pen Leaking? - eJuiceDirect

Why is my Disposable Vape Pen Leaking?

Why is My Disposable Vape Pen Leaking e-Juice?

Disposable vape pens are an excellent solution to the problem of bulky and pricey hardware, but due to their small size, they can be less durable than a full-size vape device. At eJuice Direct, we offer a variety of disposable vape devices from trusted industry brands, created with high-quality materials and premium ingredients. To get the most out of your vape experience, taking care of these tiny yet mighty devices is just as important as with regular hardware. If your disposable vape pen is leaking, there are a few different factors that can cause a problem.
Disposable e-Cigs are subject to temperature damage, just like regular vape devices and e-Liquids, so accidentally keeping them above or below room temperature can cause internal damage. The integrated tank of e-juice is sealed, but the vape juice inside can freeze or overheat, leading to the chemical breakdown of the juice itself, making it less tasty or less potent. As well, the tank itself can overheat and leak from exposure to heat, so keeping your disposable vape pens at room temperature is essential. For more information on how temperature can affect your vape products, check out our How To Care For Your e-Liquid blog here!
Just like any technological or vape device, your disposable vape pen takes fall damage if dropped from a tall height or onto a hard surface. With any impact from falling or being hit, the internal tank can break and leak, leaving you with a sticky mess. Be sure to take care of your disposable vape device just like you would a smartphone without a case; keep it from falling or being crushed, and make sure it is safe in your pocket or bag from any sharp or hard objects near it. Unfortunately, due to their single-use nature, disposable vape pens cannot be tested for quality control before being shipped out. While manufacturer errors are uncommon, they can happen from time to time, so if your disposable vape device is leaking or otherwise not working but it has not been damaged in any way, reach out to the seller and see what they can do for you. For our eJuice Direct customers, our Customer Support Team more than happy to help you address any issues with your products. Despite their small size, disposable vape pens can have a huge impact on your vape experience, from reducing the cost to increasing portability. Taking care of your disposable devices is important to keep them working their best and giving you the best flavor and performance they can.
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