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Doctor Big Vapes

Do you love a deal? I mean… really, really love a deal? I know I do and I’m guessing you are the same way.

I’m always looking for the best deal no matter what I’m looking for. When it comes to getting my eJuice I’m the same way. I want premium eJuice, a large bottle and fabulous flavors. Now, you might have to do a little digging to make this happen but a good search never hurt anyone and there’s a certain thrill to the hunt that makes it fun and enjoyable all in of itself.

Doctor Big Vapes made by the Big Bottle Co. brings you two flavors sure to please. Each is uniquely their own and each could very well become a staple in your tank. Made in Dublin, Ohio the Big Bottle Co. believes that every vaper deserves the most product for their hard earned cash. Just like we vapers do. So they came up with the idea of giving a large 120ml bottle and charging less. How could that not be appreciated? In fact, I know you’re going to love it! And remember – if you buy one bottle you save but if you buy them both – well… WOW did you SAVE! So come on over and pick up your bottle(s) of Doctor Big Vapes by the BIG BOTTLE CO. and SAVE LIKE CRAZY!!!

Wildberry Limeade – takes the juiciest, plumpest, freshest berries direct from the vine and combines them with refreshing limeade to make an awesome eJuice drink vape.

Patch’s – is a lovely tart and sweet watermelon and raspberry gummy candy combination that makes your day just a little bit better.