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How to Clean a Vape Tank – eJuice Direct

Step One: Remove the tank from your device and remove the coil, o-ring, and drip tip.

Step Two: Empty your tank by draining the excess e-Liquid onto a paper towel or into something absorbent like sand or kitty litter, then throw whatever you use away in the trash.

Step Three: Examine your coil for discoloration or an off smell, and replace if needed. Be sure to also check the o-ring for residue or discoloration and clean in the next step, as this little piece of rubber is what stops your tank from leaking and can become slimy over time.

Step Four: Take a damp paper towel or cotton swab and gently rub around the inside and outside of the tank, making sure to clean off any extra e-juice, and rinse with clean water. You may also rinse your o-ring and drip tip to clear them of vape juice residue.

Step Five: Use a clean, dry paper towel to dry all of the pieces and reassemble the tank, coil, o-ring, and drip tip. Then refill your tank, prime your fresh coil, and you’re ready to vape again!

Helpful Tips

  • Cleaning your tank regularly can extend the life of your entire device, as routine maintenance keeps everything fresh and running smoothly.
  • A clean tank can help you achieve better flavor production because flavorings in your vape juice can stick to the glass or plastic and mix together, creating a muddy blend of all the flavors you have vaped.
  • Washing your drip tip is especially important in cold and flu season, so be sure to use soap and water to sanitize it and rinse it thoroughly.